I just want to tell you (again!) how fun it is to order from you! Not only is your stuff gorgeous and always as advertised, you are lickity split in sending it out which REALLY makes this immediate gratification shopper even MORE excited!!!  Traci, teeny stamped bands

One of my favorite gifts ever given to me was my true love ring with me and my boyfriend’s initials (that’s my true love ring pictured above to the right). It’s on my finger everyday! I’m such a sentimental sap, so anything with initials or dates mean a lot to me and I hold them very dear to my heart! Tenley, true love ring

My rings arrived today and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Thank you so much!!!! I can’t wait to add to the stacking with some other significant words & names. Dawn, teeny stamped bands

I have to tell you I am in LOVE with my items from you. I love the heirloom collection my husband made for me and the mothers washer for my mother in law and the tiny rings are amazing, I’m wearing it in lieu of my wedding ring. Your products really do show the love you have in what you do. I have been looking for the perfect piece to represent my children and family since I found out I was pregnant with my 7 month old son. I have seen many items I had “liked” but yours stood out from the beginning and I am so glad I waited.  I don’t even know how I found you on Instagram but I am so grateful and happy I did. You will be seeing more orders from me. I can’t wait to share my items on Facebook and Instagram so I can share your amazing work. Thank you for allowing me to have a piece of jewelry that represents my family so beautifully, Your craftsmen ship is amazing. P.s. My husband was impressed with how you personalized every card sent out, made him love your product even more. Renee, mothers washer necklace

I have just received my rings and necklace in the UK and I love them! They are perfect. Katie, petite drops necklace, bee ring

I know everyone has a story, but my son, who is only 29 just came thru a real scary time of tongue cancer, tongue reconstruction, chemo and radiation. He has a young family and is so positive and such a sweetheart in so many ways. I just know he will truly cherish this piece from you. Ruth, custom dog tag key chain

My husband ordered these and they arrived today. I cried, big ugly tears! They are more perfect in person than on your website. I want you to know that what you’re doing is a tremendous blessing. One of the rings you made me has my son’s name on it. He passed away 2 years ago when I was 32 weeks pregnant, and this Mother’s Day was especially awful missing him. So having these rings means even more because I’m carrying him with me in a physical way. What you do is a ministry. You are showing His amazing love in each creation you make. Jaime, teeny stamped bands

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  • Alexa

    Just received my ring today. It’s absolutely stunning! So in love. We can’t afford a nice wedding ring and this is beyond next best. Love it!

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