sharing oils with others and earning an income

As I said, when I first started using essential oils I was very clear with my best friend that I wouldn’t “sell” them. But as I learned more about them, what they could do in the body and what God was telling me (that He allowed me to go through my health issues so I’d share what I was learning), I jumped right into things. I didn’t know about the compensation plan or what income potential there was, I just knew that I was meant to share with others.

Well, now I know about the compensation plan and the income potential and it makes me very excited. Young Living pays their distributors to share what they love with others, instead of paying an advertising company. They keep the funds there with the members, I love that so much. 51% of the revenue goes back to the distributors. The potential is real, you can see the 2016 income disclosure here. There are many ways to build a Young Living business. Some simply share what they’re using with friends and family. Some share on their blog or social media accounts. Some share by doing in-home classes. There are so many ways – and many right ways – to do this business. I’d love to talk to you more if you are interested in learning more! You can email me at