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Zipper Pulls {Tuesday Tutorial}

A little while back my friend Elizabeth posted a tutorial for what she did to make her store-bought purse have a little bit of flair. At the SNAP Conference last week I asked her to guest post on my blog once we got home. Today I’m super excited to have Elizabeth from Sew Chatty sharing her tutorial with us. I went right through her tutorial and made this:
Without further ado – here she is!
Today I’m going to share a tutorial on how to make zipper pulls for a store-bought bag!
I got this bag at Target for around $30.
 I love it. It’s sturdy, cute, and holds a ton! And there are a bunch of pockets which is my favorite. I have made myself a lot of purses and bags and totes, but have yet to make a cross-body bag of this nature. Maybe someday, but until then I’ll stick to adding a handmade accent to a super functional bag.
This is a crazy simple tutorial and would be a great beginner project or scrap buster for you veterans. Here we go!
You’ll need:
existing zipper pulls as a guide
fabric & coordinating thread
basic sewing tools
fray check
 Remove existing zipper pulls from bag and measure the length so you know how long to cut your fabric strips.
 Cut your fabric strips 2 inches x the length of the current pulls. I made mine a little wider than the originals because I wanted them to stand out more.
 Press the strip in half length wise then press the two long edges into the middle.
 Press flat. Repeat for second strip.
 Top-stitch down each edge with coordinating thread. I used an 1/8″ top-stitch here. Repeat for second strip.
 Trim the edges up nice and neat since things can tend to shift a smidge during sewing. Do this for both strips.
 Apply fray check to both trimmed edges of each strip and allow for it to dry. Once the edges are dried, put the new pulls where you took off the old ones!
Just a simple little addition, but I think it adds a bit of character and handmade goodness to what was already a fabulous bag! Enjoy!Isn’t that fabulous and so easy?! I think I might have to do this with more of my store-bought bags. Thanks for sharing with us today Elizabeth!!



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