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I wish someone had told me…

wishes3To my 20-year-old self, there are so many things I wish I knew (or had listened to when people told me) about life in my 30’s. If only I would have known…

that everything changes once you have kids. Not just sleepless nights and changing poopy diapers. But how completely selfish I was (and still struggle not to be). Gone are the days of going out for ice cream or a movie at 9pm, because now it’s after bedtime. Gone are the days of randomly going here or there or wherever I wanted. Now the days are filled with coordinating schedules to make sure someone is home to get the kids off the bus and homework and chores and trying to make sure that these little people we’re entrusted with love Jesus and grow up to loving, servant-hearted adults. Days are filled with snuggles and belting out “Let it Go” at the top of our lungs. Our days are filled with laughter at the little things and being told that I’m the greatest mommy in the world (even when I feel like I’m the worst). Everything changes when you have kids and there are super hard days, but I wouldn’t trade my two munchkins for the world. And I secretly hope that Ethan never stops crawling into my lap, even when he’s a 16 year old 6 foot tall teenager.

that when you turn 30 your body changes. I have more aches and pains now. I have to watch what I eat now. I have to exercise now. It really is amazing how your body can change so much after you have kids and get a little older. And with that the reality that these little changes your body makes can really cause worry. Every weird pain or thing that is not normal makes me think I have cancer because now is the age where people I know are getting cancer. Whenever something doesn’t feel quite right, I fear the worst.

to cherish my parents and grandparents. I have wonderful parents & grandmothers. Both of my grandmothers are now in nursing homes in failing health and I don’t know how much longer they’ll be with us. Frequently they’re confused and sometimes don’t know who I am. Oh, to go back to the days when my grandma could walk and live on her own. The things that I should have learned from her that now I can’t. I’m determined not to let this happen to my kids. They love being with their grandparents and I hope to encourage cultivating their relationships so that the kids can learn from them.

that these are some of the best days of our lives. I know it sounds sappy and cliche but I believe it. We’re finally out of the time of school loans and being deep in debt. Our kids are older and can do more fun things like biking and hiking. I honestly believe I’m in one of the best stages of life, and I have to remind myself to cherish it. I get so stuck in the busy go-go-go of life. Parenting and running a business and being a wife can be tiring. My word of the year: adventure. I need to take opportunities as they come and fully embrace them. Because these are some of the best days.

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  • Eva Taylor

    These are all so true! I wouldn’t change beig a mommy for the world, but you are right about gone being the days of doing whatever we want. I look forward to when Stella and any possible other kids we may have are all grown and it’s just Chris and I again but at the same time I want her to stay my little baby girl! And oh man does your metabolism slow down without permission! Not cool!

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