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So why homeschool? This is a question we’ve been asked so many times and I feel like the best answer I can give is because God asked us to. I don’t know if this is forever, but I do know that He’s asked us to do something I never thought we’d do in obedience to Him.

There are what seems like a million little reasons why this decision was made easier. First, we love to travel and adventure together and homeschool seemed like a logical way to do this easily as a family. Also, both of our kids have done well in school and have been bored at times so we thought this could be a good way to challenge them but also focus on their giftings and interests. There have also been times that our daughter hasn’t liked some things that she’s encountered at public school and while we don’t want to ever put either child in a bubble, we do want her to remain pure in her thoughts and actions. There are many opinions about children being the light in their schools and I understand that and agree that they should, but we feel like they still need to grow and learn why they believe what they believe before they can be expected to be missionaries. We also love the thought of there being more time for teaching life skills like cooking and working in the garage and time management. There are more beyond the reasons that I’ve expressed here but some are more private and some I just don’t feel like need to be discussed. I’m not up for debate here, these are our reasons and every family has to make that decision for themselves. I always said I’d never homeschool and look at us now! {never say never, friends!! God might just rock your world!}

How did we chose the curriculum for this year? We made the final decision to homeschool in the summer, so that didn’t leave much room for dragging our feet on figuring out the curriculum. We have a few different friends that homeschool so we met with them and asked them the hard questions. We asked their kids what they did and didn’t like about being homeschooled, if they felt like they were missing out on anything by being homeschooled and if they felt like they had extra opportunities as a result of being homeschooled and looked through their curriculum. In the end we decided to go with Classical Conversations because nearly everything was right there for us. I didn’t have to piecemeal the curriculum together – they pretty much told us what we needed. We chose Saxon Math as our math curriculum because I felt like that was similar to what they were used to at the public school. We also liked that with Classical Conversations there is a community day where we come together as a large group to learn and the kids can engage with other kids.

But what about the social aspect?? That’s the million dollar question when people learn that we homeschool. There are plenty of opportunities for our kids to go and be social with people of ALL ages, not just their current age. We have our community day for school, the kids are also in extracurricular activities. We are involved in our church. We sill have field trips and times where the kids go run errands with me, meaning that they get to learn patience, get to talk to adults and sometimes we see other homeschool families out there. Don’t worry about us, our kids are social!

That’s the big picture of our homeschool journey. I knew that I couldn’t homeschool plus have my jewelry business plus have my wellness business plus do everything else. So that’s why I closed the business and I’m so excited that Chanda has purchased it and is doing really well with it. I have had such peace since closing shop and I look forward to this Christmas season when I can truly focus on the season, what it means and be with my family.

If you have any questions about homeschool or our journey, please leave me a comment below.

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