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who doesn’t love glitter?? (sparkle ornament tutorial)

It’s been crazy busy here in the studio, so you’ll forgive me for posting a Tuesday Tutorial on a Friday, right?! Yesterday & today I had time to craft and I had some fun with Martha Stewart glitter making these pretties…

I know that you’re super busy this time of the year so I won’t dilly dally, let’s get to how to make your own!

 All you need is some blank glass (or plastic) ornaments, Christmas rub-ons, glitter & diamond glaze (or other thin glue). Spread out your rub-ons (if you’re like me you have too many to ever use) and pick ones that are appropriate for your ornaments. I used my Christmas ones from StampinUp! but also used some “friend” phrases for an ornament for my best bud. Being very careful, place your first rub-on onto the ornament.
Carefully rub on the rub-on (that sounds funny) with a plastic tool or Popsicle stick. Make sure you don’t squeeze the ornament too hard, you don’t want to break it and shatter glass in your hands. Keep adding rub-ons until you’re happy with how it looks. Be careful not to drop your ornament…not like I know from experience or anything. Create a funnel with a spare sheet of paper.
Here’s where there are two different ways to glitter the inside. First I’ll tell you how I did it on my sample, then later I’ll explain how I did it for the other 3 that I made. Take off the top of the ornament, pick out your glitter colors and add them to the inside of the ornament. You’ll only need about a teaspoon or so at first. 
Then, drip your diamond glaze on the inside…you’ll need quite a few drips. Covering the opening with your finger (or your finger and some paper towel) shake, shake, shake to cover the inside. You’ll add more glue & glitter until the inside is as sparkly as you want. Allow it to dry upside down so that the excess glue will fall out. Then finish it off using tulle or ribbon and hang it on the tree!
(Alternatively, for the rest I made dots of diamond glaze all over the inside of the ornament as my first step. Then I put in a few sprinkles of each color while turning around the ornament. Then I shook them, adding more glue and glitter. Both methods will have the same result.)
If you’re a person who does NOT love glitter (what?!), here’s another easy way to make a beautiful ornament and it’s super easy. Cut scrapbook paper into 1/4″ strips. Curl the paper around a pencil and then put the paper curls inside the ornament. (and if you want you can add a little bit of glitter to the bottom for sparkle when you shake it). Add some tulle or ribbon to finish it off. 

Pretty ornaments for your tree! Happy crafting!

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