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Vintage Pillowcase turned Purse {Tuesday Tutorial}

Today I’m really excited to show you what I did with some vintage pillowcases that I got from a friend. I bought these not knowing what I’d use them for and then the thought occurred to me – they’d be really cute as a purse! Ready to see how I changed a pillowcase into a tote? Here we go!

You’ll start with a vintage pillowcase (pinned to the size you want it to be,
plus 1″ on each side), fusible batting and the lining pieces. All should be
cut to the same size (mine were cut 14×16″)

Next you’ll want to cut the pillowcase to size, making sure you cut the ruffle at
the bottom at an angle so that it lays nicely when sewn back together.

Then I used the remainder of the pillowcase to make pockets for the interior. Cut them
the width of your bag and the height that you want. Mine were about 9″ in height.

To finish the edge of the pocket, fold over the top about 1/4″ and press. Fold over
another 1/4″, press and sew. Repeat with the other pocket if you choose to have one.

Pin the pocket to one of the lining pieces and simply sew down, making as many dividers as you choose to fit your checkbook & other items. I sewed one single seam on one side and did two on the other. Do as many as is functional for you.

Put the lining pieces together, right sides together and sew along the three edges (sides
& bottom), making sure to leave about 4″ along the bottom OPEN to turn the bag later.

Put the outside pieces right sides together and sew along the two sides,
including the ruffle.

Turn the outside pieces right side out and sew along the bottom of the bag
(above the ruffle) to close the bag.

This is the tricky part…with the lining still inside out, stuff the exterior inside the lining.
So the right sides will be touching. It seems wrong, but trust me this is the right way
to do it.

Pin the edges well, matching up the seams.

Sew a 1/2″ seam along the entire top edge of the bag.

Now you’ll turn your bag, so stick your hand in the hole in the lining and pull out
the ruffle & outer part of the bag.

Sew the hole of the lining closed.

Push the lining inside of the bag and line up the seam using your fingers (pin if necessary).

Top stitch along the edge so that the lining stays in place and doesn’t try to
sneak back out.

Now you {almost} have a bag! All that’s left is the handle.

The handle is totally up to you. You could make one with coordinating fabric, use shorter wooden handles, or do what I did and take the easy way out. I used some webbing that I had and simply sewed it to the two seamed edges on the interior. Quick and easy! It’s long enough to cross body or just keep on my shoulder.


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