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how-to: vintage jewelry stands

vintage dish jewelry stands Earlier this week my mom asked me if I wanted to get together and of course I said “yes” and suggested we go antiquing so that I could be inspired. And boy was I inspired! I love, love, love old things. Especially if they have chippy paint and rust.

butter-dishesI was so smitten when I saw these butter dishes. Before that day, I had never seen these teeny tiny dishes anywhere (or never noticed them). I snatched them up for a great price and knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. By now, you’ve all seen the tutorials around about gluing a candlestick to the bottom of a plate and making a cake stand. I’ve done that many times and love the look. I knew I wanted to do something similar with the butter dishes, but change it up a bit to coincide with my love for vintage bottles & jars. So the idea was born to make teeny tiny jewelry stands that will look beautiful on your vanity.

butter dishes and jarsThe concept is simple, choose a jar or bottle that works size-wise in comparison with the dish. You’ll need a little bottle, but one that will stand up and not fall over once the dish is on it. If the bottle has a large neck, you can even put beads or buttons inside. I simply used some jewelry grade super glue called STARBOND, but you can use any brand super glue that you want to glue the jar to the bottom of the dish.

materials gluing stands For a less permanent alternative, you can also use a vintage thread spool and some double sided sticky tape. That way you don’t ruin your precious heirlooms and you can change it out when you want to reuse the dish (or the spool).


vintage dish jewelry standsAren’t they gorgeous? I’m so excited to find places for these little stands, not just for jewelry but maybe even for office supplies or little candies. What would you do with them?

vintage dish jewelry stands closeup

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