Tuesday Tutorial: Shrinky Dink Bracelet

This was a joint project with Big E – she did the art and I put it together. Big E LOVES doing Shrinky Dinks…I mean LOVE. She asks me every day if she can do them so I knew I needed to figure out a craft that she could enjoy more than just that day that she created it. Enter a flower punch & bracelet blank!

make sure your flower is about 2″ in size so that when it shrinks you can still see the picture

punch holes with a standard hole punch, otherwise when it shrinks the hole will be too small

shrink according to package directions & seal with clear nail polish

gather the charms, jump rings & chain (or bracelet blank like I have shown)

twist open your jump rings, don’t pull them open…this way they’ll close tightly

add them at intervals that will make them even on your chain

the house charm is my favorite…I love it in miniature

E was so excited when I showed her the finished product

those of you who have been following me for a while know that I love multiple charms because of
the jingle…and I was happy to hear that even though these are plastic, they jingle too!

Shrinky Dinks & Permapaque markers purchased here.

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