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Tuesday Tutorial: Lavender Sachet

Have you harvested your lavender yet? I need to cut mine down some more. My first batch has dried out and I removed all of the stems so I’m ready to make a sachet for my drawer. Wanna make one too? Here are just a few easy steps and in 10 minutes or less you will have your very own lavender sachet!

cut a piece of fabric 5×5″ – you’ll need two squares

right sides together, sew a 1/2″ seam along three edges.

clip your bottom two corners

turn inside out and be sure to poke out your corners.

fill with your lavender. this is the amount from my harvest 2 weeks ago.

it’ll only be about 1/2 full but that’s okay!

turn in your open edge 1/2″

sew the open edge shut with a seam the width of your presser foot. shake the
lavender down to the bottom and sew along each edge, shaking the
lavender each time.

done! super easy and quick project so you’ll have great-smelling drawers.
when you squeeze the sachet it releases the oil, in turn releasing the scent.

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