treasure hunt

This weekend I was sitting on the back porch reading the most recent issue of Family Fun magazine when I came across an idea I wanted to try. I asked Dave to pick up a bag of play sand for a treasure hunt and the rest is history!

The article was “your great ideas” and a reader named Sarah gave the idea to fill a baby pool with sand and mix in treasures. She fills in the pool with water and the kids can use sieves for panning for treasure.

photo 1I modified her idea a bit and just used a large plastic pail we already had and decided not to add water. Little E loved digging in the sand {multiple times} to find the treasures. Big E also loved digging – even though she’s almost 8 she still loves to look for treasures and play in the sand. All in all, a fun summer idea for the back porch – keeps the kids entertained and I can just sweep the sand off the side when they’re done. Looks like I’ll be making a trip to the dollar store soon to get some “treasures” that didn’t just come from around the house to keep up the excitement! photo 2 photo 5Any other fun summer activity ideas for the kids that y’all would like to share?!


  • Alyson @Vintage Sunshine

    That’s such a great idea. Cohen would love that. You could even throw pennies in there. haha!

  • Amber @ thebrowsingbrunette

    that sounds like something my kids would like! Although Presley is all about rubbing sand in her eyes….I’m not so creative over here we will be doing the zoo and splash parks this summer 🙂

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