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treasure map This weekend we had some friends over for a camp out at our house and Dave had the idea to make a treasure hunt for the kids. There are 5 kids under the age of 7 so we knew they’d be all over it (and let’s be honest, the two of us had a blast planning it). We made out clues, each leading to another until the final clue led to the treasure map.

treasure map backDave wanted it to be a bit of a learning experience for the older kids, so he was sure to teach them about paces and direction.

{disclaimer: I’m not a professional photographer…these were taken with my iPhone in humid weather with speedy children. I’m sorry they’re not better but you’ll get the idea of what we were trying to do! xo}

learning about treasure He started by telling the kids that we found out that there was a treasure left on the property and that he found some clues. He handed the first to Ellie and she quickly read it and they headed up the hill to the prayer rock to search for their next clue.

clue They proceeded through the clues, finding groundhog holes and other landmarks with clues attached. They moved so quickly and, like all kids, fought over who could find the clue so we had to make the decision to have them take turns.

digging Finally they found the X and started digging. and digging. and digging. and then Dave had to help.

finding treasure It’s amazing how a painted shoe box filled with dollar store finds can be so exciting. I just love that about kids. They thought the treasure was the coolest thing ever. All in all a fun kids project!

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