thirty three

This weekend I hit the big three-three. It’s funny because when I think about how old I am, I have to ponder and figure out based on the year it is and what year I was born. Does anyone else forget how old they are? I forget all the time. Hopefully 33 will be easy enough to remember for this year.

On Friday night as I was getting the kids ready for dinner, I saw this on my phone…

clrose is my best friend that I’ve known since High School and she lives in New Hampshire. Hubby flew her out for my birthday as a surprise. I was so excited to see her and spend the weekend with my best bud! We didn’t waste any time and the morning of my birthday we went to Starbucks first thing. I love how we both have our bright skinnies on and our handmade bags. Like two peas in a pod.

After chatting over coffee, we went for massages and shopping. We tried on some fancy dresses just for fun. We totally look like we can go to homecoming, right?? Ah, to have our teenage bodies again.

My birthday weekend was full of eating, shopping and crafting. We had a blast together, creating, talking, and watching our favorite movie from 12 years ago, You’ve Got Mail.

Our kids love their Auntie Chrissy…they were so sad to see her go.

I’m so grateful for her friendship…we figured out this weekend that we’ve been best friends for half of our lives (16 years). I love remembering nights of planning for her wedding, making bouquets, sewing crystals on her dress and watching You’ve Got Mail. I love remembering nights at the drive in as a big group and laughing all night long. I love remembering our long talks and laying out in the sun all day long on our girls cruise. I love this girl and am so grateful for her. Beyond the laughter and fun times, she’s my prayer warrior and support system.

Your turn – tell me about your bestie. What do you love about her? How long have you known each other? Do you live near or far from each other?


  • Debbie Koebcke

    It sounds like a great weekend Amy. Dave flying her in for the weekend, WOW! You know my best friend. Your Mom is so special and our times together are the best, can’t think of anyone else that i enjoy spending time with as much!!!

    Hugs Debbie

  • LeeAndra

    My bestie and I have an interesting backstory. We are cousins who did not grow up with or knowing of each other. Our mothers took us away from our dads’ side of the family, and we grew up in different states in different circumstances, feeling different from everyone else in our families.

    Ironically, it was our grandmother’s death (more specifically her obituary) that brought us together. I found it online, and when I saw my bestie’s name (and the names of her siblings), it was the first time I knew that they existed. My name was there, too, surprisingly, so then I knew for the first time that they knew I existed, too. I found her sister on Facebook and then her. The three of us met up two years ago.

    It is eerie how alike we are. We have the same goofy sense of humor, the same desire to create, the same giftedness, the same loving spirit, the same respect for others who are different from us. We even look alike. We have finally found the person in our biological fathers’ family who is like us, and it is filled a hole inside that we didn’t realize we had.

    She is coming to visit me here in Indy next month, and I can’t wait!

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