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some exciting news!

Yes I know it’s cheesy but I’m just so excited. When I announced that I was closing my business, one of my customers and new friends Chanda Mackey reached out to me in obedience to the whisper that God put on her heart. After much prayer, discussion and meeting with she and her husband last week I have decided to pass the torch to her!

I will be training her on how to make the teeny stamped bands as well as other items that I currently sell. She will be making some of your favorites so that you can still get your items to celebrate life’s events. I know many of you were sad and concerned to not be able to add to your sets when you have new babies…wipe your tears! No need to fret!

We both couldn’t be more excited. We feel like this is a gift from God from one mother to another. I can’t wait to see how you all bless her like you’ve blessed me these last 14 years. I know you’ll shower her with love and encouragement. You can shop now at I hope you’re as excited as I am!

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