Shop Updates – new items & items revisited

It’s been a busy week over here creating new items, revisiting some old favorites, cleaning out inventory from local shops and dreaming about new things.

 This first necklace I posted on Facebook and it sold right away. It was a one of a kind bar that was hammered along the edge and paired with the sweet tiny cross. I will be adding more Faith items in the near future!

This necklace is a variation on an old favorite. It used to be the “love much” necklace but now with the typewriter font I’ve changed it to simply “loved” with the same awesome square pendant with a soldered heart. 
Next is the new to the shop Quartz Dangles necklace. It’s been at a local shop for a while and I’ve loved it for a long time. I’m so surprised it didn’t sell in the shop. But lucky you, it’s in the shop and already $10 off the retail price. It is one of a kind.

The Summer Fun Cluster Necklace is a great addition to many summer outfits. There are 9 sparkly charms on this necklace and all can be removed, changed around or worn alone.

When I decided to reintroduce the Family Tree necklace I forgot to re-add the Super Washer to the website. It’s now back for those of you with large families needing a larger charm to fit all of the names.

Lastly I have a ring that I absolutely love. It matches the new Glass Bezel necklaces and I went back and forth on whether to offer them in the shop or not. It features the signature twist band so I can’t make a bunch of these because they’re not adjustable. I also thought it would be hard for people to choose what pattern of fabric or paper they wanted under the glass. But I had a customer custom order one right away and I realized it wasn’t as daunting as it seemed. So they will be in the shop soon for just $35! If you’re interested before that time, just let me know.
Lots of new things continuing to happen around here. Since Monday is a holiday here in the States I thought I’d post an update now. Have a fabulous weekend!

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