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save your pennies {with guest Loan}

P1240457 Hello Amy Cornwell readers!  I am Loan, a wife, mother, sister, novice photographer, wanna-be crafter and a lover of fashion on a budget!  I am thrilled to be a guest blogger for Amy while she is away on a wonderful trip to Kenya.

I started my blog as a way to express my budget-friendly fashion tips for busy women juggling a career and a family. But somewhere along the way, it has morphed into a therapeutic outlet to share some of my baking, crafting and weekend shenanigans.  But for this special honor which Amy has granted me, I’m going back to my fashion roots and sharing a little bit of my childhood.

gucci-watchMy mom always taught my sister and I to save our pennies and buy something of value once instead of spending frivolously for something of lesser quality and needing to replace it shortly down the road.  I recently became the proud owner of this beautiful vintage Gucci watch.  This watch was purchased circa 1985 and has been in my mom’s jewelry box for as long as I can remember.  True to her words, she saved her shiny pennies and bought this timeless piece, which still remains the envy of every fashionista I’ve met!  I will cherish this classic timepiece and hope to pass it to my children one day.  And if my sister is lucky, I may let her borrow it!


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