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I thought I’d share some of my reads lately in case you need some inspiration! If you’ve read something awesome lately, please leave it in the comments…I’m in the mood for a good book!

Michael Wardrip A while back, Disney (aka Ruffles and Stuff, you know her right?? Everyone does!!) shared about her photographer father, Michael Wardrip, and some ebooks that he put out. I checked them out and WOW – to have that skill as a photographer. His use of color and showing the motion of the water is inspiring. You need to check it out. The beauty is mind-blowing!

My daily devotional via She Reads Truth – such a great way to start my day! And the ESV Study Bible for further deep study.

Organic Gardening for Dummies – because let’s face it, I really am a gardening dummy but strive to be a master gardener someday. Someday. Also, Year-Round Vegetable Gardener for future gardens when I want to extend the growing season.

I really am looking for a good fiction book – any suggestions out there?


  • Amy Cornwell

    (from Amber via Facebook for later) Hunger Games – you read those, right? Crazy Busy. Loving the Little Years. Sarah’s Key. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Light Between Oceans. The Orphan Train. One Thousand White Women. Gone Girl. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series.

  • Eva Taylor

    I would love to learn how to garden. My mom always had a great garden but I never tried to learn. 🙁 I am reading The Grapes of Wrath right now but it’s taking me a while to read it.

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