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One of my favorite things about the holidays is traditions. We talked about traditions at MOPS this week and a few of my favorites are about my dad. He used to make the best cinnamon candy from scratch…he’d walk around the house while the sugar was melted and make the house smell like cinnamon. Another favorite tradition is that he’d make my grandma’s noodles for Christmas. It’s been a while since he’s done either, so I told him all I wanted this year was cinnamon candy & noodles. I can’t wait until Tuesday!

A new tradition we started this year is decorating gingerbread houses. It’s a simple, fun Christmas craft to do together. Next time we do them though, I’ll be hot gluing the pieces together. The icing wasn’t quite as sturdy as I’d hoped, but we made it work. (tip: put houses in the fridge to harden the icing, making them easier to decorate)

We’ve never decorated gingerbread houses before as a family and surprisingly Hubby was REALLY into it. I mean, so into it that we were all done well before him, as he’s delicately forming the icicles and cutting the gum drops to make windows. I’m just not that patient.

Yep, icicles.

Hubby’s is the prettiest, so naturally it’ll get all of the attention. And he says he’s not crafty…

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

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