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the merging of two passions

For the last few months, I’ve been in my slow season for the business. I’ve gone on this health journey and started a new blog since then so I have to assume God has allowed all of this to happen together knowing that otherwise I wouldn’t have had time to start sharing what I’m learning. I’ve been really excited to share with others about food and essential oils as medicine, which in turn has made me less excited about making jewelry. Which has made me sad to think about. I do feel like God has given me the gift of creativity, so I don’t ever see myself not being creative – I just think I’m in an uninspired place right now.

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Until the other day. I have had a vision for making some diffuser necklaces for a while now, at least the last month or so. I’ve searched and searched for another design that I have in my mind but was so excited when the idea came to me to use my wax seals to make wax seal diffuser necklaces. The perfect mixture of both of my worlds. And I was excited again. And the response on social media was awesome. Other people were excited about it as well.


So here it is, the merging of two passions (initial or LOVE seal). I’m so excited about it. The charms are made of terra cotta clay, which will absorb the oil. The charm doesn’t become oily, but the smell will permeate it so that you get a nice whiff of whatever oil you use when you’re wearing it. Each seal comes with my standard sterling silver chain. They’re lovely and I’ve been wearing mine with the essential oil blend called JOY. I hope you love these as much as I do!



  • sherrie

    which terra cotta did you use? i’ve tried several diff brands, etc and with no luck, the oil still stays “ontop” of the diffuser pendant. i’ve asked other that also make the pendants and no one either wants to share their “secret” or just out right no response… thanks 🙂

  • Leslie

    LOVE these!!! They wax seal initial is so elegant, and I love how the terra cotta will diffuse the essential oil. You are so gifted, and I love how God is allowing you to merge your passions!!!

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