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march goals

Well, I’m here again to talk about my goals. I didn’t know if I’d share each month but I do think it helps me knowing that someone else out there knows my goals and just might check in to see how I’m doing (ahem, Leslie & Dave).

February Goals:
1. finalize my new web design – for the most part it’s ready to go to my web guy to get started. I’m taking an 8 week business class starting mid-March so this might change but it’s set for now.
2. research a new technique – I’ll call this halfway complete. I really need to take a class for this technique and locally they might be doing it in the fall. So it’s in process.
3. research vitamins & supplements – I think I know where I’m at on this one, but not 100%
4. invite a family over for dinner/games – I regrettably did not do this…due to the crazy weather and half of the time not knowing if we’d be able to get up our driveway (or that someone else would be able to).
5. rehab the budget – I’ve looked at the budget, but not refined it.
6. start my garden plan – I have a plan in place and am excited for spring and when the ground thaws!

So there you have it, really I am only at about 50% for my monthly goals (I also had weekly & daily goals that I didn’t list). But lots of good things happened this month: I lost some weight, I started regularly exercising, I had daily God time, I participated in the #lookupphotoaday challenge on Instagram, I mailed out some encouraging notes to friends and I took lots of business classes online. All in all, I’m happy with how the month went, even though I wasn’t able to check off everything. And if you know me, you know I like to check off my to-do list. But that’s okay. It’s a start and progress is progress, no matter how much.

Onto March! Here are my current monthly goals for March, giving myself a little bit of margin for my daily/weekly goals because of the business course I’m starting and the time that it will entail.

1. create a “for a cause” item – it’s been TOO long since I’ve done an item raising money for a cause. It’s been almost a year and I’m sad to say that. So this month I’ll be creating a new item to raise money for a cause which is yet to be determined. If you have suggestions, please leave me a comment!

2. read a Christian book – no set parameters on this one…fiction or non-fiction. Just something to read.

3. lose 6 more pounds – boom, gonna do it!

4. dates with the kids – it’s been SO long since we’ve had one on one dates with the kids. Much needed loving-on-them time needed.

5. tax papers ready – a few years ago we started going to an accountant since we’re both self employed…I don’t trust myself to do everything right. It’s been such a load off of us to have someone else doing our taxes. Phew.

6. continue to work on the budget – we are big fans of Dave Ramsey and have no debt except our mortgage. This results in very old cars that are now on the brink of dying with over 100K miles (and one almost 200K) on them. Just trying to prepare for what could be coming with cars and things for our property.

Okay, now you all have to hold me accountable to do more than 50% this month. Any other goal setters out there? Let us know so we can encourage you along the way!


  • Ginger Jimenez

    I think you are inspiring me to make a few goals this month too! PS no Instagram sales until after Easter, okay? 😉

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