loving the old cars

1950's green truck I have this thing for old stuff, that I know. I’m not sure if it’s the nostalgia, the story that it has or simply that I’m an old soul. But one thing I’m sure of, someday I’ll get one…an old truck, probably from the 1950’s, restored. And I’ll drive it around town instead of keeping it in a garage somewhere. Because cars like this are meant to be driven and bring a simile to the faces of the people it passes each day (because they bring a smile to mine when I see them on the road).

old cream car old turquoise car Aren’t these beautiful? I can just imagine date nights as teenagers in the 50’s or heading to the sock hop in daddy’s car.

red car closeup The movie Grease has been a favorite since I was in middle school, so I suppose my love for that era started then. I love the outfits, the cars, the races, the dancing & singing. Anyone else a lover of this time period?

flames car


  • Jaime

    My dad is restoring a ’55 Chevy truck. It’s going to be really great. Maybe he’ll even let me drive it after it’s finished… Then you can come down and we can cruise together!

  • Amber @ thebrowsingbrunette

    My father in law has a red 66 mustang in pretty pristine condition. One of our first dates Dave took me for a drive in it. The radio knob popped off in my hand as I was changing the station (thankfully that popped back on) and then while we were gone it started to rain! If I remember right it had never been rained on since Dave’s dad owned. Needless to say we haven’t taken it out much since then 🙂

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