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#lookupphotoaday challenge

The #lookupphotoaday challenge on Instagram is coming to an end. It’s been such a joy to look at the almost 500 pictures under the hashtag and know that those are 500 pictures that went out to share faith and inspire others to look up. Here are just a few of the pictures that were shared. Thanks to all who participated and had courage to LOOK UP! (I left the graphic large in case you want to zoom in an read any of the quotes)


Some of the #lookupphotoaday contributors (but not all):
@ponderang | @brassyapple | @amycornwell | @danaohphoto
@mlscott420 | @aubreyzaruba | @kendrak7 | @melindabaize
@penningtonpoint | @smalltownalanabrown | @soloveddesigns | @clrose

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