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latelywatching: parenthood and amazing race

reading: crazy busy, now discover your strengths and blue ocean strategy

listening: maroon 5 pandora station while I work out, k-love radio otherwise

feeling: annoyed that I’ve been having stomach issues for almost 3 weeks. praying for resolution and that it’s nothing major.

dreaming: of summer and warm weather

planning: the garden. seeds were ordered this weekend and I’m excited to till the ground. the garden will be about 6x the size of last year so I’m a bit scared too.

praying: for those I come across on Instagram that have health issues or have lost foster children or other trials. so much hurt and pain around.

creating: a little spring collection for the shop…very little. some of my products didn’t arrive and the supplier is checking on them. boo.

enjoying: the gorgeous sunsets…we have the best sunsets out here. who needs an ocean? okay, maybe i do. but our indiana sunsets are pretty spectacular too.

How’s life been treating y’all lately?

{p.s. I was given my crazy busy book from a pastor at our church and all he asked is that I give it to someone when I’m finished. So who wants it? First to leave a comment requesting the copy and leaving their email gets it when I’m finished (US only please due to shipping fees).}


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