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notebookI have a notebook full of notes that I could share with y’all, but for now I’m just going to share some of my favorite quotes and other things from the Influence Conference. The two days were FULL and the sessions so life-giving. The hard task now is to take time and process, as well as making life changes and goals for the future. Here are some of my favorite take-aways from the weekend.

laracaseythe goal is not happiness, it’s His glory. (lara casey)

stop glorifying busy. (lara casey)

a dream is a big picture vision, a goal is your action plan to get there. (lara casey)

success = good fruits from our work || we are temped to add: our value, money parameters, our pride, perception of success, our identity. (hayley)

the Lord leads us in peace. If you’re believing lies, you cannot enjoy the freedom of the truth. (hayley)

quality of life + living your values = success (shauna niequist)

I’ve crammed so many great activities into my day that they’ve stopped being great. (shauna niequist)

you are not the hero of your story, Jesus is. (ellen, sweetwater)

be a noticer and not a manufacturer, live your life and write from that place. (ellen, sweetwater)

sometimes not having the words is better than trying to come up with something. (diana)

my home isn’t about me, it’s a tool for God’s glory. (jessi)

we need to be great at what we do so we can honor God with our gift. (jeff)

the best creativity comes in the midst of life – not separate from it. (jeff)

I have so, so much more to share…I’ll unpack a few sessions that really impacted me in the coming weeks. In addition to the amazing sessions there was the SWAG (stuff we all get). I’m so grateful for the generous sponsors that participated in giving us all goodies this year.

influence swag closetote bag from The Printed Palette | greeting card from Eva Marie Typography
sideways cross necklace from Adie’s Lovelies | anchor necklace from Sassy Lemonade
lemon pound cake lip balm from i am Mermaid | lightbulb (inspiration) from mocha club
knit coffee cozy from Kirtley Michelle | card assortment & notebook from dayspring
business cards from moo | keychain from byTavi | book from Influence Resources
face mask from Annie Piphany || other sponsors: thrive moms | lemon bee
the tethered crate | pure charity | french press mornings | Reeve music (amazing worship)
two little fish || THANK YOU for your generosity, sponsors!!

influence swag I know that’s a long list, but they are all wonderful, godly people from what I can see. I’d love if you’d take a little bit of time (maybe space it out) and see what they all have to offer. Quite a few are charitable organizations that give back to the needy. {If I’ve forgotten a sponsor, it was not intentional…I just went through my bag of gifts. If I’ve forgotten your organization, please email me and I’ll add it to the list}

Don’t miss out on attending next year – get your presale tickets for just $200!

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  • angie on maui

    I’ve loved reading everyone’s recap about the conference; it makes me sad that I allowed fear to keep me from this life-giving event for the second year in a row. God continues to put this on my heart, so I am really hoping to make it next year!

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