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“How’s homeschool going?” In short, great! Whenever someone asks I frequently say, “better than expected” because it’s true. I will admit, I didn’t have high hopes for this first year. I thought there would be many tears as we adjust to this new life but that simply hasn’t been the case for us and for that I am so grateful. We frequently ask the kids how school is going (maybe too often) because I want to keep a good gauge of what might need changed. When people ask, the kids both say it’s going well. Ellie admits that she doesn’t care for Latin and Cartography but loves doing school in her bed in her pj’s. Ethan says our house is his favorite place in the whole world so he likes doing school there and he thinks it’s fun.

How about me? I’ve been a bit spoiled because Dave has been home quite a bit and when he is, he takes Ethan to do school. Ethan has more fun with dad and I’m okay with that. Ellie is independent in her studies, she basically needs me to grade her math and hole punch her notecards. Dave & I are enjoying homeschool as well. I thought it would be hard for me losing that flexibility of doing whatever I needed or wanted to do while they’re at school, but we’ve adjusted and made it work. With the curriculum we chose there are times where both kids are independently working so that I can get things done (or Dave as well).

We’ve been able to do a little bit of traveling so far in our homeschool journey. The kids and I drove up to Shipshewana when Dave was doing some flight training – the kids did school in the car and then we got to swim and visit an animal park. We’re having a good time! We have also had some times where we’ve gotten together with friends to “do school” and it’s ended up with games for the kids and coffee time for the moms. I love the flexibility of home school.

So far, we feel like this is truly a gift and one of the best decisions we could have made. We’re excited for the long break during the month of December and can’t wait to see what 2019 brings for our family. If you’re wanting to talk more about homeschool, I’m happy to share our experience. I was chatting with some ladies the other day about it at a wellness class and it was fun to share our experience. I was one who said “I could never homeschool” and now I’m so glad that God has brought us on this journey. It’s not for everyone – I didn’t even think it could be for us – but God changes hearts & minds.

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