How I Wore it Yesterday

Well, I didn’t quite get to posting this yesterday so this is how I wore it yesterday. {for those of you who are new, every once in a while I post pictures and links of how I’m wearing my items…it helps to give you ideas for layering and also to see sizing of pieces).

Yesterday I wore three of my stamped bracelets. I had on the Large Link Dangling Bar, My Heart is Full and Reminders Bar Bracelets. I love the look of many bracelets thanks to Emily Maynard from the latest season of the Bachelor. In every picture you see of her she has at least 3-4 bracelets on layered. I think it’s such a great look. I also had on my true love ring and an extra stackable twist band.{oh yeah, and the momma bird around my neck on the 30″ chain – momma bird has now sold out}

Do you like the look of multiple bracelets or are you a simple gal?

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