How I spent less than $8 on $50+ worth of stuff

I LOVE saving money! Saving money is so easy if you put a little work into it. I’ve told you about my CVS deals before. CVS is a great place to get items for free after an initial investment of a few dollars. I also have a credit card (don’t tell Dave Ramsey) that I pay off each month but it gives me points for gift cards & merchandise. My husband puts his business purchases on there because he gets reimbursed for them and we keep the points. Because of the points we had a $100 Kohl’s gift card that came in the mail about a week ago.

Last week we shopped at Kohl’s and spent our $100 gift card (plus a $10 coupon they gave us in the mail) and revived $20 in Kohl’s cash to use later. This past Sunday when I picked up my prescriptions at CVS the Pharmacist scanned my CVS card and $4 ECB (Extra Care Bucks) popped out for my summer spending. Today I got an email from Q’doba that their Mango Taco salad was on its way out, so they gave me a $5 meal deal coupon for the salad and a drink. So this is what I did on my lunch break:

CVS – bought a Revlon nail polish on sale for $3.99 and some nail polish remover for $1.99. Used a $1 off Revlon cosmetics coupon and $4 ECB’s that I got on Sunday.
spent $1.12, retail price $5.98, received $3ECB’s (so I’m $1.88 ahead in reality)

Kohl’s – bought Little E 2 pairs of pants and 1 shirt, all on sale for 50% off. I used my $20 Kohl’s cash to purchase them. The came up to just under $19, so I actually have one Kohl’s buck left.
spent $0, retail price $38

Q’doba – Got the Mango salad and a drink with my $5 coupon.
spent $5.45, retail price $7-8

This brings my grand total for today of total spent – $7.57, retail price $50+
If I would have skipped the Q’doba and counted the Extra Care bucks and Kohl’s Cash that are still in my wallet, I would be ahead $2.91 (in the positive) for over $40 worth of merchandise. I love it! Do you have any success stories for your saving this week?

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