Well, it’s been an interesting few months, having the desire for a new home and learning to be content (catch up here: waiting on the Lord and not yet). I honestly am content in knowing the fact that God hasn’t allowed us to find a new home because it’s not the time. But that doesn’t make it any easier some days. This weekend when my bestie was in town, I took her past the dream house. There was still a sign in the yard, despite the fact that almost two months ago we were outbid on the home. This brought a whole new rush of excitement that maybe it still could happen. Maybe the buyers financing fell through. I still felt like we were meant to be there – like that was OUR house but God just hadn’t allowed it to happen yet.

Earlier this week I wrote to Chrissy and told her that I went past the house again (obsessed much??), parked in the driveway and prayed for God to release me from that desire if it wasn’t of Him. I sat and thought for a while and came to the conclusion that maybe God was just testing us to see how we’d deal with Him telling us “no”. Later in the day Dave called the listing agent and found out that it was indeed SOLD, it was just taking a while for the details to be finalized. And….the person who bought it doesn’t want to flip it, they want to live there. Cue the disappointment again. Still trusting in God’s perfect plan, but pouting all the same. That same day not even an hour later, I got my mail and found a card from a friend with the following…

“Yielding our lives to God requires faith and humility. We need to have faith that He has our best plans in mind, and we need to humble ourselves to realize that He knows more than we do. Ultimately our decision to let Christ take control of our lives is one of worship. By letting Him take the reins, we declare the truth of His righteous character. Whenever we trust Him, we reflect on how great He really is.”

This was from a Bible study she is doing about giving God control. Isn’t that just like God in His perfect timing to send that card on the exact day when I felt disappointed yet again? His timing is so perfect. The disappointment is still there (and I imagine will be until that day when our eyes are opened to our new dream house) but I will continue to wait.

What are you waiting on today? How can I pray for you?

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