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Last week I learned of a new conference and decided I wanted to share it with all of my small business peeps and also to remind you of a few conferences that I’ve been to and LOVED. If you’re looking for a conference to go to, here are my suggestions!

snapSNAP! Conference – What can I say about SNAP besides it’s FUN! Fun and happy and full of valuable information for the creative blogger. I’ve attended twice and had a blast both times. This conference is based in Utah (so beautiful) and is full of 350+ creative people all in one place. This year they plan to have over 500 attendees! SNAP is a great place to network and learn from other creative people. It is one of the best-put-on conferences I’ve seen. So much detail goes into planning & decorating…I expect nothing less from this year’s conference (although I’m not able to attend…sob!).

influenceInfluence Conference – I attended Influence in 2013 and I’m so glad that I did. It’s right here in my neck of the woods (central Indiana) and it was full of like-minded people (mostly women) that want to use their online influence for good. There were so many different classes and sessions filling the days ranging in topics from writing, pursuing your dreams, vision casting and femininity. We ended our time together with an amazing time of worship to God. I’m excited to go again in 2014 and to learn from this amazing group of speakers.

Pioneer Nation – I just found out about Pioneer Nation last week. I’ve been whining saying for over a year that I haven’t found any small business conferences out there. Sure, conferences like SNAP and Influence have business tracks that I could go to, but I feel like they’re more focused on bloggers. Pioneer Nation seems like something I’ll want to look into for 2015 because it’s simply a small business conference full of speakers who have built their small businesses into not-so-small ones. I’m excited just thinking about it! This year is its inaugural year so I’m excited to see how next year they learn and grow from their first conference.

I know the list is short, but I really wanted to give an accurate list of ones I know to be true (and what I hope to be true with Pioneer Nation). If you have a conference that you’d like to share, please do in the comments. I’m always looking for ways to grow myself and my business!

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