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february goals

goalsI didn’t originally plan to share my goals each month, and maybe this will be the one and only time. However, I’ve taken Hayley’s lead and have decided to share my goals for both accountability and inspiration.

Amy’s February (monthly) Goals:

1. finalize my new web design – I feel like it’s time for a change again with the website. I want it to be clean, clean, clean. I want it to be a really enjoyable place to shop and also for the blog to be a beautiful place to be inspired. I’m so excited to get it started with my web guy, Brian.

2. research a new jewelry making technique – I’m not going to say much about this but I do want 2014 to be the year that I grow in my business and skills. Learning new techniques is just part of that process. So far I’ve been self-taught in regard to the jewelry that I make so I’m excited to go to the next level.

3. research vitamins & supplements – having a healthy body and passing that knowledge to my family is really important. I’ve taken some steps to begin the process with the foods that I allow in my home, but need to take a few steps further this month.

4. invite a family over for dinner/games – we need community. period. It can’t grow if it’s not watered and cultivated.

5. rehab our budget – we’re not sure what the future holds, so we need to pray and think through all options.

6. start my garden plan – remember¬†(#2 here), this year I’m going to make a plan and make it great! If any of you are master gardeners and have tips – please pass them along! Year 2 gardening is going to be a learning experience!

{valuable resources: goal setting #powersheets | emily ley simplified planner}


  • Leslie

    Thanks for your continued inspiration! I’m so proud of you for your goal setting and all of your vision for 2014. God is continuing to do a mighty work in and through you, and it’s exciting to see the steps in that journey!

  • Vanessa

    I’m not a master gardener, but love to preserve what I grow. I’m excited for the harvest season this year! I got a stainless steel sink/counter to go with my outdoor stove, so it will be easier this year to clean, prep and preserve all the goodies I get from the garden.

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