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Fabric Wrapped Bangle {Tuesday Tutorial}

I’ve had a wooden bangle FOREVER and finally decided to do something with it. I have toyed around with the idea of decoupaging it or wrapping it with yarn, but now that it’s summertime I wanted something bright and cheery. So I took some scrap fabric, ribbon & embroidery floss and made it pretty. You can use any bangle that you find at the craft store or even at the dollar store (or on clearance). It doesn’t matter what it looks like since you’ll be covering it. Let’s get started (pictures say a thousand words…but words are included below as well just in case).

1. cut your fabric 11×2.5″ in size for a similar bangle
2. fold and press each long end about 1/4″
3. wrap the fabric around the bangle and knot off the end of your thread
4. zig zag back and forth, securing the fabric
5. when you get a few inches from the end, fold over the short edge
6. complete your sewing

7. when you get done, you can leave it as-is if you want to stop
8. I wanted to finish the inside, so I hot glued ribbon to the inside
9. then take a LONG piece of embroidery thread and knot it around the bangle
10. secure with a dot of hot glue and wrap, wrap, wrap
11. when finished, hot glue the end to secure

Fun stuff!! What have you been crafting??

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