craft tuesday {easy kids crafts}

Happy Tuesday! I’ve decided it’s time to try something new so Craft Tuesday was born! Normally on Tuesdays (though few and far between) I post tutorials, but in my desire to be a more consistent blogger, I thought doing a Craft Tuesday would be more appropriate. Sometimes that will be a tutorial, sometimes crafty inspiration and sometimes I’ll share what’s inspiring me in the craft world. I hope you’ll join me on Tuesdays for some craft inspiration!

A few weeks back I journeyed to one of my favorite places – Hobby Lobby – with one of my best friends Leslie. We walked the aisles browsing when I came across the unfinished wood section. Little E was partial to the dinosaur so I got that for him and a birdhouse for Big E. Painting is one of my kids favorite crafts so getting these was pretty much a no-brainer. Once Big E got home from school we busted out the acrylic paint and they got started.

painting dinosaurfocused painting faceI love the intensity on Little E’s face. Quite a few times he turned to me, asking for help on the legs or other parts on the dinosaur. I showed him how to paint the hard-to-get areas and handed him the brush back.

painting birdhouseOf course my crafty girl had no problem with the painting project…the went right on her way painting her house. Little E was so proud when he finished. It may not be perfect, but he was proud of the work that he did all on his own.

happy painted dinosaurA few hours later their pieces were dry and Little E could play with his dinosaur. Crafting with kids doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. Some wood toys and paint will do the trick just fine for my little ones.

What easy craft projects do your kids enjoy??

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