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dreamin… {our next home}

For quite a while, hubby & I have had this vision of what we wanted for our next (and hopefully final) home. Our next home we plan to live in through our kids growing up and moving out. We have wants for our next property and we also have dreams for the use of our next house.

I have dreams of a home with enough land for the kids to run around with their friends all day long. Hubby has dreams of a landing strip on the property so that we can continue to travel and so he can fly to work (he’s a pilot).

I have dreams of a cozy place where everyone who enters feels at home. Dreams of community bonfires, picnics and get-togethers. Summer parties full of laughter, food and sack races (cheesy I know).

A place where I can sit on the back porch with a cup of coffee,
watching the kids play and laugh.

A place where hubby can fly his model airplanes in our back yard.
I want to have a dedicated spare room so that we can invite people to stay
over without feeling like we don’t have a place for them to land.

I want a vegetable garden with an overabundance of food that I can give away.

I want a flower garden.

I want a kitchen with white cabinets and black handles.
I want my entire home to be country, shabby, vintage, comfortable.

There are so many dreams for a new place to land and we’re looking for that place. We’re looking to make our dream a reality and it’s extremely exciting. We went to a property and prayed over it, feeling in our hearts that this would be our next home but knowing that if it’s not, God has something better planned for us. It’s always fun to dream…I believe God gives us our needs as well as some of our desires. So I’m holding onto that today.

What are you dreaming about today?


  • Kristi

    After reading some sad news about the passing of a beautiful little angel, I’m finding myself dreaming about today. How to make it the best moment I can live, loving my kids while they are little and healthy and beautifully full of life and here. Dreaming that I will have another today tomorrow and thanking God for this moment..

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