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DIY Wrap Button Ring (i.e. Tuesday Tutorial on Wednesday!!)

Before I start I need to make a disclaimer – I am aware that I am in desperate need of a manicure…I plan to take care of that in the next 24 hours! Now that I got that off my chest, let’s create!

You’ll start with your materials & tools: buttons, wire (20-24gauge), pliers & wire cutters.
I used about a foot or so of 20 gauge wire for mine, 24 gauge will be easier for beginners.

Put the wire through all of the buttons and cross them on the back (bottom pic).
Leave about 6 inches on one side and the rest on the other.

Wrap the long end around your ring mandrel (or highlighter or something that is a
bit larger than your finger). Wrap it as many times as you want or depending on
how much wire you have. I wrapped mine 4-5 times.

Take the long end of the wire and wrap it around the bottom of the button,
this will help it stay secure when you take it off the mandrel.

Take the ring off the mandrel and wrap one side around the band about 4 times.

Repeat with the other side and DONE!

A super easy and inexpensive gift idea. Literally takes less than 10 minutes!

That’s my craft for today – making a bunch of True Love rings tonight for my lovely customers once product arrives. Anyone else crafting today and what are you working on?

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