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At the beginning of the year I started my daily journal in a smashbook to remember all of the bits of 2013. It’s been a journey this year, that’s for sure. I took some time to simply read through the days of 2013 the other day and it’s so amazing to see where God has taken us this year. Thinking that we knew what was best for us when He certainly had a very different plan. This book has definitely made me count my blessings and also remember all of the seemingly “little” things we’ve done – making memories (good and bad).

februaryFebruary was a good month of documenting…I had the month set well in advance so that each day I could put in an update.
Highlights: after vacation in January we found out that our dream house, the “cabin” was still on the market. We put in a bid, didn’t hear for a while, then the bank said we needed to give our best offer by noon, we won the bid and then two days later rescinded our offer. It was a heartbreaking month.

marchMarch I kept pretty simple: I cut ovals with a punch and used rubber stamps to signify the date. I put them in haphazardly, while still having them be a little bit like a calendar.
Highlights: annual mammogram (and clear results), strep & fever in the house, taking Little E to the ER and me passing out, weekend trip to the Bahamas, putting a bid on 3.5 acres.

aprilApril I made a traditional calendar. I printed the days on label paper and then cut them into squares. I added a bit of fabric tape made by my friend Elizabeth and called it done.
Highlights: bank took the 3.5 acres back off the market, listed our house and got an offer after 4 days, sickness back in the house, God closed some more doors on houses, I went to SNAP Conference, looked at more houses, put in another bid on a house.

maymay2May was a little nuts – it was moving month. Mid-month the journal got packed up and essentially forgotten. I added a few receipts and other mementos quickly mid-month. I printed very light numbers on label paper and then punched it with a scalloped circle punch for the dates.
Highlights: we bought a house in the country!! Ellie got glasses, end of school programs & field trips, appraisals, shots for Africa, my brain went to mush.

junejune2Boy, June was forgotten and quite frankly an after-thought. I simply went through my calendar and instagram to “remember” what we did each day. I typed it up on label paper and cut strips, peeled off the back and stuck them to the page. This was a quick-fix for another forgotten month.
Highlights: getting used to an entirely different life, birthday parties, seeing my BIL off to Afghanistan, pool time, VBS.

julyjuly2Oh sweet, July…I’m finally getting settled in to this new life but my craft area is in shambles still due to construction on our 2nd story. I haven’t been able to motivate myself to create because of the mess. So I did the easiest thing possible and again went through my calendar and instagram and used some extra Project Life cards to give the basic highlights for the month. I’m really not happy at all with July, but such is life.
Highlights: garden update, mini-vacations, pool Mondays, 24 hours in NYC, friends-family-fires-food-fishing-fun, Girls Night Out.

augustAugust is a fresh start…I created the calendar on July 31st so that I’d be ready to quickly capture each day. I used a self-inking date stamp to mark the days and it gives it a bit more of a vintage, imperfect look. Some of the dates are even {gasp!} smudged. I’m so excited to fill it up.

Anyone else documenting the little bits – good and bad – in 2013?
I’d love to hear your highlights!


  • Kendra Morales

    HI Amy – thank you so much for posting this! I love what you have created. I was so inspired I went out and got myself a Smash book and began creating a monthly journal too. There has been a lot that has already happened in 2013 for me and my family so I decided to start my journal at the beggining of this year writing down the really memorable things that have happen. Thank you again for the inspiration! I can’t wait to tackle this journal each day and month. Please keep sharing your journal design too! I’d love to see what you do for the rest of the months. Thank you!

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