Craft Tuesday {easy kids crafts – paper bugs}

Today I kinda feel lamesauce about Craft Tuesday – but this was a fun and easy craft I did with the kids and need a craft to post so this is what I’ll share today! Later on this week my Erin Condren planner is coming…I’ve been keeping my calendar on my phone but I feel like I lack some goal-setting and planning using my e-calendar. I’m hoping a paper planner will help me make more concrete goals, set an editorial calendar for the blog, etc. If you have specific things you want to see while I plan out the rest of my year, let me know!

Anyway, back to the quick & easy kids craft: paper bugs!

I simply cut out some circles & ovals with my paper punches and then hand cut some wing shapes with scissors. Remember, these are for kids, they don’t care if they’re perfect. The paper & glue is all you really need, but you can also use a marker to draw a face or decorate the bug. My kids also wanted to put their bugs on sticks so you can do that as well.

Ethan had fun gluing his bugs to a plain piece of paper, but then he saw Ellie using the sticks, so of course he had to be just like big sister!

A fun, easy, quick and inexpensive project for the kiddos!

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