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Craft Tuesday {cigar box refashion}

Happy Craft Tuesday! A few weeks back my mom called me from Goodwill. She said they had a plethora of cigar boxes and wondered if I wanted any. I asked her if they were old (because I like anything old and junky) and she said she didn’t know, so I packed Ethan up and we headed to Goodwill. They weren’t old, but I did have a vision for them. I decided that I was going to decoupage them and use some washi tape to make them cute. Here’s what I did!

Here are the boxes I got at Goodwill, they were a few bucks each and are wooden (not cardboard). All different shapes & sizes.

When I decorated my first cigar box, I didn’t strip the paper but then the lid had trouble closing. So the first step is to peel off as much paper as you can, especially along the edges of the lid.

Cut some decorative paper in the size of the lid, sides & bottom. Don’t go all of the way to the edge, but close. The corners will be covered later with washi tape.

Glue them on with ModPodge, seal them with another coat of ModPodge and let them dry completely. Then repeat with the inside.

Once all of the ModPodge is dry, use your washi tape to cover all of the corners and edges. On some of the thicker pieces you might have to double up on the washi, or use a wider type of washi tape.

After all of the washi tape is in place, seal it with ModPodge once again to keep it in place.

You’ll have to seal the washi tape in stages, so that you don’t accidentally glue the lid closed. This is a quick project when you look at total time, but drying time for each stage might make it seem longer.

If you’re feeling ambitious, you can add more washi or embellishments to the top to decorate your box or use inexpensive knobs to make “feet” on the bottom of your box.

Another option is to get hooks and make a jewelry display – this is one I’ll be using at Handmade Holidays in November to display some of my jewelry. I’m in love! (notice I left some of the wood bare because I liked the look of it)

What are you all creating this week?

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