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Chore Magnets {Tuesday Tutorial}

A while back, I made some chore charts for the kids. They didn’t last long and were relegated to the laundry room. I never found a place to hang them so they got tossed aside. Lately we’ve been feeling like the kids are getting a bit lazy and we’re getting lax in making them do their chores so we knew we needed to do something. Enter the chore magnets! I made the chore magnets pretty quickly and wanted to share the process with you. Easy peasy – let’s get started!

Items Needed:
2″ dowel rod, magnets, heavy duty glue, labels, Mod Podge, brush, washi tape, scissors

The first thing you need to do is have your handy hubby cut the dowel rod into 1/4″ thick pieces (or you can do it). Then glue the magnets onto the back of the wood pieces. Let them dry for as long as the instructions say on the glue (I left mine overnight).

I thought that I’d print the chores on paper and then use a circle punch to cut out the chores. My circle punch was too small, so I used 1 1/2″ round labels that I had on hand instead. I designed the chore labels in Photoshop, but the company that you purchase the labels from should have a template for you to use as well.

I put all of the magnets on a cookie sheet for easy carrying & assembling, and then started sticking the labels to the magnets.

Once all of the labels are on, put a thin coat of ModPodge over them with the brush of your choice.

I was sad to see some immediately have wrinkles, but thankfully as they dried they naturally laid back down (a few I had to press down, but they are flat now).

Let them dry for a little bit – it won’t take long – and then cut some washi tape (washi what?) in half and add it along the edge. This was trial & error for me, I tried a few different ways with the washi tape and ended up not liking how it looked wrapped around the edge (going onto the front). It looked like a poker chip to me. So I ended up cutting my washi tape in half and it was the perfect size to fit along the edge.

All done! Put them on the fridge, separated for each child and let the chores begin! My kids on the first day actually liked moving their magnets above their name to mark them as “done”, we’ll see how long it lasts!

I made a few “extra” chores for them to choose from. As they get used to this system, I’m going to have them do one extra chore each day of their choosing. I’ve entertained the idea of having them choose a chore as a consequence when they get in trouble as well, but haven’t made a final decision on that one.

I hope that this will help me be diligent with the kids and help our house stay more clean. What’s worked for you in terms of getting your kids to do their chores?



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