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Chicken Wire Frame {Tuesday Tutorial}

My best friend Chrissy has a chicken wire frame in her room inspired by Ashley’s (from Under the Sycamore) chicken wire wall. I love Ashley’s wall (and Chrissy’s frame) and wanted to go ahead and make one myself. I showed Hubby a picture of Chrissy’s frame (on left), we went to Home Depot and he got started. Here’s how we made it…

You’ll need:
2 – 8′ lengths of trim  |  chicken wire (I bought wire that was 3′ wide)
wood glue  |  staples & staple gun  |  paint  |  caulk  |  nails  |  wire cutters
miter saw (or hand saw if you don’t have a power saw)

To start, cut a 45 degree angle on one end of trim. Measure 48″ from the top of the angled cut and mark. Cut another 45 degree angle facing opposite the already-cut end (so the top of the trim piece will have corners that stick out and the bottom edge goes in, making the corner of a frame). Repeat with the other long end of trim. These will be your top and bottom pieces of the frame.

(picture above for reference, this is a smaller frame that we also made.
note the angled cuts of the trim)

To make the sides, you’ll repeat the steps for the top & bottom, measuring these at 37″. Be sure to cut the corners in the right direction!! Now you have your sides.

Not too bad so far, right? After you’ve made all of your cuts, run a thin line of wood glue along the cut and match up the corners. Immediately put three staples into the back of the frame to secure it. Once you finish with all four corners, paint! When the paint is dry, lay out your chicken wire and start stapling on the backside to secure. Don’t be shy with the staples!

Commission a cute little guy to stand on the chicken wire while you staple. Staple around all four edges and then clip off the excess chicken wire, being careful not to poke or cut yourself. Gloves are recommended.

Here’s where Dave & I messed up. We pulled the chicken wire too tight as we were stapling which made the large frame warp when we picked it up so two of the corners cracked. Once Dave got the frame up on the wall with nails, he filled it in with caulk and we touched it up with paint.

Here she is in all of her glory in the studio, holding up my very special encouragement cards from my friends & readers. I need to decoupage the clips, but for now they do the job. We made a little mini frame for above my sewing machine as well. A great weekend project!

Don’t want to make the frame yourself? See how Ashley made her chicken wire frame for another idea!


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