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    10 ways to creatively package your goods

    One of my business goals this year was to more creatively package my orders to ship out. I don’t have any employees to help me, so it has to be something quick and easy (while also being cute). For now, this is how I package my items, but I also wanted to share 9 other ways to creatively package your goodies so that when your customer receives them, they’ll feel like they’re receiving a gift from a treasured friend. my current packaging for the shop, easy but cute for a few of this week’s orders, I changed it up a bit with this post in mind… creme de la gems…

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    how-to: vintage jewelry stands

    Earlier this week my mom asked me if I wanted to get together and of course I said “yes” and suggested we go antiquing so that I could be inspired. And boy was I inspired! I love, love, love old things. Especially if they have chippy paint and rust. I was so smitten when I saw these butter dishes. Before that day, I had never seen these teeny tiny dishes anywhere (or never noticed them). I snatched them up for a great price and knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. By now, you’ve all seen the tutorials around about gluing a candlestick to the bottom of a…

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    loving the old cars

    I have this thing for old stuff, that I know. I’m not sure if it’s the nostalgia, the story that it has or simply that I’m an old soul. But one thing I’m sure of, someday I’ll get one…an old truck, probably from the 1950’s, restored. And I’ll drive it around town instead of keeping it in a garage somewhere. Because cars like this are meant to be driven and bring a simile to the faces of the people it passes each day (because they bring a smile to mine when I see them on the road). Aren’t these beautiful? I can just imagine date nights as teenagers in the…

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    Refurbished Vintage Suitcase {Tuesday Tutorial}

    This past weekend the kids and I visited a local barn sale on a whim. Restyled Furniture put it on and they had a long list of amazing vendors. I found all kinds of goodies there (I would have found more had my 3 year old “screamer” played nicely with his sister) and I finally met Hayley (i.e. The Tiny Twig) in real life. We’ve been wanting to meet for a super long time