vintage dish jewelry stands Earlier this week my mom asked me if I wanted to get together and of course I said “yes” and suggested we go antiquing so that I could be inspired. And boy was I inspired! I love, love, love old things. Especially if they have chippy paint and rust.

butter-dishesI was so smitten when I saw these butter dishes. Before that day, I had never seen these teeny tiny dishes anywhere (or never noticed them). I snatched them up for a great price and knew exactly what I wanted to do with them. By now, you’ve all seen the tutorials around about gluing a candlestick to the bottom of a plate and making a cake stand. I’ve done that many times and love the look. I knew I wanted to do something similar with the butter dishes, but change it up a bit to coincide with my love for vintage bottles & jars. So the idea was born to make teeny tiny jewelry stands that will look beautiful on your vanity.

butter dishes and jarsThe concept is simple, choose a jar or bottle that works size-wise in comparison with the dish. You’ll need a little bottle, but one that will stand up and not fall over once the dish is on it. If the bottle has a large neck, you can even put beads or buttons inside. I simply used some jewelry grade super glue called STARBOND, but you can use any brand super glue that you want to glue the jar to the bottom of the dish.

materials gluing stands For a less permanent alternative, you can also use a vintage thread spool and some double sided sticky tape. That way you don’t ruin your precious heirlooms and you can change it out when you want to reuse the dish (or the spool).


vintage dish jewelry standsAren’t they gorgeous? I’m so excited to find places for these little stands, not just for jewelry but maybe even for office supplies or little candies. What would you do with them?

vintage dish jewelry stands closeup

Hi! My name is Elise, and I blog over at Sunday Charm. Thank you, Amy, for letting me take over your lovely blog today! I’m thrilled to be sharing a quick decorating fix with you. Earlier this summer, my husband and I scored the most fantastic dresser off Craigslist. I mean, look at it…

We moved this one-of-a-kind piece into our apartment…and then noticed the smell. The Craiglist sellers found it at a garage sale, stripped it, repainted it and tried to get rid of the nasty scent. Unfortunately for us, the scent was stubborn. I whipped up a little DIY for anyone else struggling with a similar problem, or anyone who wants to dress up their drawers!

To cushion the scent, we came up with an easy little potpourri-like solution. While I wanted to experiment with making potpourri, most recipes take between 2-6 WEEKS. That’s too long wait. We needed help now! In order to appease my short patience level, I came up with the following solution using scented pine cones.
What you’ll need:
  1. Scented pine cones (or other potpourri)
  2. Fabric
  3. Scissors
  4. Thread
  5. Yarn

What you’ll do:

  1. Lay your scented pine cone on your fabric to measure how large your fabric piece needs to be.
  2. Double the fabric over so that it’s big enough to be folded.
  3. Turn it inside out and sew the fabric together (hot dog style). Don’t sew the ends.
  4. Turn right side out and put your pine cone in the middle.
  5. Wrap the ends of fabric and tie with your yarn.
  6. Wa-la! You’re done. You can dress up your drawers and make them smell better too.
Thanks for letting me share. You can find my blog here…I’d love to hear from you!

Today I’m rounding up the Top 10 Tutorials that have been viewed in 2013 – these are all of your favorites in one place! I always think it’s fun to see my favorites vs. yours so here they are!

1. Chore Magnets

2.Refurbished Vintage Suitcase

seaglass-done3. Shell & Seaglass Pendants4. Zipper Pulls

5. Gathered Handle Clutch

6.Chicken Wire Frame7. Valentine Heart Wreath

8. Fabric Covered Dangle Earrings

9. Owl Door Stop

10. Fabric Wrapped Bangle

Can I be real for a second? Lately I haven’t had the motivation, time or energy to try to put a tutorial together. Most of my creating is either with the kids or for the business – but I’m extremely grateful that I get to stay at home every day. I hope that in our new house I’ll have a slightly different setup, allowing me some work space and non-business space so that I can be creative again and post some new tutorials! Here’s to a creative summer!

In the meantime, I thought it would be fun to look at my analytics and see what some of the favorite tutorials have been in the past year. I have to be honest that I was surprised by some of the most-viewed and had already known others. If you have done any of these (or end up doing them) please let me know. I love to see what you all make so link up in the comments if you’ve used one of my tutorials and blogged about it!

fabric wrapped bangle gathered clutch sewing tutorial chicken wire frame purse pulls tutorial chore magnets tutorialsuitcase refurbishWhat have YOU been creating lately? I’d love to hear about it – inspire me please!!

At the end of 2012, I stumbled upon this post by Jessi (Naptime Diaries). She recapped her 2012 and I quickly came to realize that without looking in my Project Life album, I couldn’t really tell you all of the sweet bits of 2012. My memory is horrendous (scarily bad sometimes…like forgetting how old I am) and my journaling track record isn’t much better. But then I stumbled upon this artist and her work inspired me so much that the next day (December 31st!!!) I went to the store and got a Smashbook and set out to create a 2013 journal to record the good, the bad and all of the little things that will happen this year.

So far I’ve recorded something for each day. I’ve started gluing ticket stubs, portions of receipts and other things from daily life to look at later. I’m excited about the fact that I can look at this in the years to come and remember all of the good (and not-so-good) things that happened to our family in 2013. That’s right, this book is not going to be all fluff. I’ve already journaled a rough day that I was having in the first week. These days are important to remember as well.

When I posted the picture of the start of the journal on Instagram, I had lots of questions…so here’s a quick FAQ for you on how I’m doing my 2013 book:

What type of journal did you use? It’s a K&Co Smashbook, 8×10″ size

Did it come with the calendar? It did not. Smashbooks come spiral-bound with different paper designs on each page. I used half-sheet labels to create the calendar. I printed out the numbers for the days and then used a square punch to cut them out. I’ll probably do something different each month to add variety.

Where do you buy the label sheets for your calendar? although I’m sure you won’t need that many. Check your local Office Supply store for smaller packages.

Where are your colored markers from? StampinUP!

What will you do with all of the extra pages in your book? I’m creating the calendar one month at a time. For example, I’ve only created January so far. That’s so that I can leave room to put in pictures, extra creative journaling, etc on the pages after January’s calendar page. I don’t want to have a set number of extra pages per month, I’m just filling it in as I go. As time moves on I’ll share more pages to give you all examples!