I made the mistake of going into our local quilting shop on Thursday and fell in love with some new Amy Butler and Jennifer Young fabrics. I bought 5 zippers and then went back Friday to get more so I could make some wristlets and clutches. I figure if I have a new sewing addiction I might as well make things to share with you all! I made two wristlets (great for date nights) and a handful of pouches that are perfect for carrying your cards & cash.

See them all here. The pouches are just $8 and the wristlets are $20.

Here’s another lovely coffee cozy for you to make. This one is made of felt and some embellishments – that’s it! Another great way to use up your scraps. Let’s get started…

Layer two pieces of felt and the opened cozy from Starbucks. Pin.

Cut around the cozy using pinking shears
(or normal scissors if you want a straight edge).

Sew along the whole thing using twine from The Twinery or embroidery
floss (or stitch with your sewing machine, it’ll be quicker).

Get some embellishments like flowers and buttons, and sew them on the cozy.

Pretty flowers!

Wrap the cozy around the cup, checking for size and
then sew on a button to close. Done!

Love it! This one is going to a friend who I know drinks coffee
but I’m not sure if she drinks Starbucks. We’ll see!

Since I had the fabulous burned edge flower tutorial on Tuesday but plenty of tutorials to post for you I decided to do a Wednesday and Thursday tutorial as well this week! Lucky you 🙂

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE Starbucks. I’ve tried to make my skinny vanilla latte at home and it just doesn’t taste the same. I use Starbucks syrup AND espresso beans and it still doesn’t taste the same. I’m pretty sure they put crack in their coffee {or another secret ingredient}. Anyway, my mom brought me a wonderfully delicious latte on Saturday and I decided to make a few coffee cozies. Cozies are a great way to add some flair to your cup as well as helping reduce waste. You can make your very own using some scrap fabric and buttons! Here we go!

Layer 2 pieces of fabric, wrong sides together and one piece of fusible
interfacing. Open a cozie and pin it to the 3 layers.

Cut around a cardboard cozie, leaving about 1/2″ in every side.

Cut a 1″ strip of knit (or another coordinating fabric). Make it a long strip,
we’ll cut off the excess after we make the ruffle.

On the top piece of fabric, pin the end of the knit and start ruffling by
folding the knit underneath itself and sewing a straight stitch.
Ruffle as much as you’d like depending on how much of the strip you have.

Pretty ruffles! Cut off the excess knit strip. Now iron on the interfacing.

Put the pieces right sides together and sew a
very small seam along all three edges.

Clip the corners.

Turn it right side out, using a wooden skewer to turn the corners. Press at
the seam to make it lay flat. Turn the open end into itself 1/4″ and press.

Sew right along the edge on all 4 sides. Almost done!

Measure your cozy around the Starbucks cup of your choice
(mine was a Grande). Hold it as you slip it back off of the cup.

Sew on some buttons or other embellishments to close the cozy.

All done – ruffly coffee goodness!

Now, go on out and make your own. You’ll be helping the environment while showing everyone your personal style while you sip your java. Enjoy a latte for me!

A few weeks back we had a wonderful person in the community that owns a fabric shop bring in three HUGE (larger than I’ve ever seen) garbage bags full of upholstery fabric. We gave most to our quilting ministry but we did look through for some for ourselves too. It was so nice to get some new pretty fabric for free.

This fabric reminds me of a yummy mocha latte. It is upholstery fabric, so it’s got a nice weight to it that is perfect for wintertime. It is lined and has a zipper closure. It is approxiately 11×5.5″ and has a gusseted bottom so that when it has items in it, it stands up by itself. This is a perfect size, not too big or too small and can fit all of your essentials. One of a kind so get it here!

Last week a friend of mine recommended One-Yard Wonders (101 sewing projects for 1 yd of fabric) and I knew it was right up my alley. I was so excited to head to the local bookstore and check it out. I bought it right away and started planning what I was going to make. I headed over to Hobby Lobby to use up the gift card that my grandma got me for Christmas (she knows me so well) and I purchased this cute fabric for 30% off. I was supposed to get 1 1/2″ rings for the bag but could only find D rings. When I got home I didn’t like them so I improvised and used key rings and they look pretty cute.

The bag took less than 2 hours start to finish and I LOVE IT. There is elastic on the bottom to make it gathered and also along the top to help close the bag a little. I will add some bling to the strap hanging in the middle because it looks weird to me and I need some weight on it to keep the bag closed. For any of you who like to sew and want some great ideas, be sure to check out this book – they have a little bit of everything!