This past weekend the kids and I visited a local barn sale on a whim. Restyled Furniture put it on and they had a long list of amazing vendors. I found all kinds of goodies there (I would have found more had my 3 year old “screamer” played nicely with his sister) and I finally met Hayley (i.e. The Tiny Twig) in real life. We’ve been wanting to meet for a super long time Read Entire Post …

It never fails that Big E ruins a shirt the first time she wears it. It was no different the first time she wore this stripe tank. French fries & ketchup did the job.

I’m not going to lie, I considered just throwing it away. It was only $3 and my laziness almost won out. But then I thought, surely I can put a ruffle or something on it! I just used some of the tulle left from the flowers I’ve been making and 3 buttons. Easy-peasy! I’m going to let the pictures show you how it’s done, it’s THAT easy!

Big E’s all-girl so she was happy to have a pretty shirt to put on. Isn’t she the cutest?!

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The other day while looking for fabric to make a skirt I found this dress. (excuse my face, I was multitasking by taking pictures while I was on the phone. now you know what I look like when I talk on the phone)

I thought that I had already cut a chunk out of it but when I looked at it I realized that I hadn’t. I loved this dress and wore it like a shirt but my man-shoulders were apparently too large for the armholes. One day when I stretched just the wrong way, I heard tearing on the sleeve. There were quite a few of these tears so it was either use the fabric for scrap or do what I did…

I seam-ripped the sleeves and made it a sleeveless dress. I turned over the fabric twice and sewed around the openings. I paired it with my black leggings and wore it to church on Sunday. I love it without the sleeves.

I wore it with my Layers of my Heart necklace with an add-on briolette. And this (below) is what happens when I have hubby do the photoshoot. He loves to take so many pictures that I get some great outtakes (and some shots that will never go on the blog).

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This one is so easy I’m sure you’ve figured it out on your own but with statement rings being so popular right now I figured I’d make some of my own! Here’s how I did it…

using heavy-duty pliers, cut off the pin back

see the hole on the left? this one was missing a crystal.
nothing a little starbond & a Swarovski flatback can’t fix!

now you can hardly tell which one was missing
(pssst, it was the one on the very right hand side)

buy some ring blanks, this was all my store had so I had to
improvise. I had a 50% off coupon so it was $2/4 blanks.

using heavy-duty pliers again take off the extra pad on the ring

glue and let sit overnight!

done! blingalicious!
love them! the one on the left is vintage, hopefully my mom won’t be mad I used it!!

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On black Friday my mom and I went shopping for Christmas gifts in the wee hours of the morning (actually, we started at midnight and shopped all night, thanks to the fact that I wanted to get a Dyson on the cheap). We went to the mall and stopped in H&M and of course I found myself a cute $5 shirt.

However, when I tried it on it looked like this…

WOWZA! Good thing it was only $5 because it sat in the bag for 6 months. I finally decided to take a stab at refashioning it to make it a little more flattering. I used three strips of elastic, pulled it all the way out and did a zig-zag stitch.

From the front it looked great; from the back not so much…

What happened there? It turns out that when I sewed the middle elastic I also sewed through a bottom portion of the shirt. Oops! Thank God for the invention of seam rippers! Try #2 came out like this…

Better! And way better from the front. I’m still not 100% on the back but the front is more important to me anyway. It’s thin and perfect for one of those chilly summer days!

Wearing my Limited Edition Enjoy the Ride Necklace

This is my first real try at refashioning an item of clothing…have you taken a stab at it with anything in your wardrobe??