This post was written in partnership with Paperless Post. I was compensated with coins for my virtual cards but my thoughts and review are my own.

To me, there is just something about a person taking the time to send a card – whether virtual or in person. The person took the time to pick out a card for me, write a nice note and send it. It brings me such joy to receive cards with a thoughtful message. I truly feel that sending a card is a lost art. In this world of social media a lot of people take to leaving a quick facebook message instead of sending a card or text. Taking that extra time really shows that you care.

While I don’t normally send virtual cards, I was able to give Paperless Post a try and have fallen in love with it. One of the things that I love about Paperless Post is the fact that I can see when someone has viewed my card and they can also respond to it or RSVP if necessary. These would be perfect invitations to a baby shower, birthday party, or even a housewarming party. I look forward to continuing to use it with events that I have coming up.

Paperless Post was very easy to use. I simply browsed the cards, chose the one I wanted and got started. Today I’m sending a birthday card to my friend and mentor, Jen.

Paperless Post had almost 300 birthday cards to choose from, but I chose one with Happy Birthday in many languages because Jen is a missionary and is bi-lingual. I thought it suited her perfectly. You can customize the card if it has color variations as well.

You can also fully customize the text on the back of the card. I added a special message and increased the font size on certain words that I wanted to highlight. You can then customize your envelope, right down to the stamp and the postal mark.

I’m excited to use Paperless Post in the near future as I send out invites to some events that I have coming up. I love that people can RSVP direct in the website and everything is organized there in your account dashboard.

Today’s birthday card cost me 5 coins so this card would cost me $1.50 or less depending on the package I purchase (the package I was given makes this card just $0.45). You can hardly purchase a card and shipping for that price and you sometimes don’t know if the recipient even gets it. Paperless Post also has cards that are free that don’t cost coins.

Take time today to send someone a card – virtual or otherwise. If you send one from Paperless Post (which I hope you do), let me know which one you chose. I’d love to see it!

photo-7This was my second year attending the Influence Conference and I was so excited to go and to learn what my influence can be in various aspects of my life (but focusing on my online influence). I was not disappointed this year – there were sessions, classes & workshops focused around using our online presence for good. There were many classes in which I cried, there were three amazing worship times where we cried out to God, there was a members-only session by Lara Casey that broke down walls and so many other good things. While my head is swimming and my heart is full of good things that now I need to implement, I can’t share it all. I didn’t even have time to take pictures during the conference. There is just too much good that happened in 48 hours. But I will share snippets that I will be taking with me in the days to come:

His Spirit lives in me, so it pushes out all of that try-hard and look-at-me. (Hayley Morgan)

Fear is the fuel in Satan’s getaway car. (Whitney English)

Just because it’s not published, doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. (Life Panel, can’t remember who said it)

Don’t value the comfort that comes with sameness. (Jessica Honegger)

Do more of what fires you up. God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things when they are surrendered. (Lara Casey)

There’s a lot of people doing what you do, so be appreciative of those who choose you. (Lindsay Sherbondy)

Fear, guilt & shame motivate temporarily, but the love of God motivates forever. (Ellen Parker)

Comparison is the thief of community. (Carrie McQuaid)

God loves HIS Kingdom. He hates MY kingdom. He loves when I build HIS kingdom. (Jess Connolly)

Seriously, so much good stuff! If you were there, what was your favorite quote from the weekend?

Influence-SWAGThanks to the wonderful sponsors that gave gifts & info in the SWAG bags and helped fund the conference:
Necklace from Simply Put Handmade Jewelry | Mug from Crystal Faye | KeyFob from Better Life Bags
Scripture Magnet from Chamels Creations | Pencil from | Earrings from ViBella
Print from B Paperie | Card from Love By Design | Card from Rainy Day Colors | WiFi from David Kind
Journal from Patton Prints | Eight Twenty Eight book from B&H Publishing | Yoga Decal from Holy Yoga
Exploring Grace Together sample book from Crossway | Devotional from the Influence Core Team
Bag from Lisa LeonardGrace for Moms | She Does Justice | Mocha Club | Naptime Diaries Shop | ThriveMoms

If I have forgotten any swag bag sponsor please let me know! I want everyone to get recognition for their generosity in helping to fill 300 bags to bless the attendees. Thank you again to all of the sponsors who provided swag or funds to help put on the Influence Conference!

wishes3To my 20-year-old self, there are so many things I wish I knew (or had listened to when people told me) about life in my 30’s. If only I would have known…

that everything changes once you have kids. Not just sleepless nights and changing poopy diapers. But how completely selfish I was (and still struggle not to be). Gone are the days of going out for ice cream or a movie at 9pm, because now it’s after bedtime. Gone are the days of randomly going here or there or wherever I wanted. Now the days are filled with coordinating schedules to make sure someone is home to get the kids off the bus and homework and chores and trying to make sure that these little people we’re entrusted with love Jesus and grow up to loving, servant-hearted adults. Days are filled with snuggles and belting out “Let it Go” at the top of our lungs. Our days are filled with laughter at the little things and being told that I’m the greatest mommy in the world (even when I feel like I’m the worst). Everything changes when you have kids and there are super hard days, but I wouldn’t trade my two munchkins for the world. And I secretly hope that Ethan never stops crawling into my lap, even when he’s a 16 year old 6 foot tall teenager.

that when you turn 30 your body changes. I have more aches and pains now. I have to watch what I eat now. I have to exercise now. It really is amazing how your body can change so much after you have kids and get a little older. And with that the reality that these little changes your body makes can really cause worry. Every weird pain or thing that is not normal makes me think I have cancer because now is the age where people I know are getting cancer. Whenever something doesn’t feel quite right, I fear the worst.

to cherish my parents and grandparents. I have wonderful parents & grandmothers. Both of my grandmothers are now in nursing homes in failing health and I don’t know how much longer they’ll be with us. Frequently they’re confused and sometimes don’t know who I am. Oh, to go back to the days when my grandma could walk and live on her own. The things that I should have learned from her that now I can’t. I’m determined not to let this happen to my kids. They love being with their grandparents and I hope to encourage cultivating their relationships so that the kids can learn from them.

that these are some of the best days of our lives. I know it sounds sappy and cliche but I believe it. We’re finally out of the time of school loans and being deep in debt. Our kids are older and can do more fun things like biking and hiking. I honestly believe I’m in one of the best stages of life, and I have to remind myself to cherish it. I get so stuck in the busy go-go-go of life. Parenting and running a business and being a wife can be tiring. My word of the year: adventure. I need to take opportunities as they come and fully embrace them. Because these are some of the best days.

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Oh boy, was this weekend fun! We had no idea what to expect with it being our first year in a public place with vendors that we didn’t necessarily know beforehand. To say it went smoothly is an understatement. There were times that it was jam packed in the venue and I think almost all of the vendors are so pleased with how the weekend turned out. We had 17 vendors and quite a few hundred people coming to shop. There are a few kinks to work out for next time but all in all I’m so happy with the Handmade & Vintage Market 2013. Look at all of these amazing, quality, beautiful goods that we had for sale…



photo 2photo 1

Our vendors for Christmas 2013 were:
Eva Marie Typography | Cards by Jessica | Amy Cornwell | Belle Wesley Vintage
Chicken Scratch’d Designs | Madame Pierre’s Handmade Quilts | Amanda Lynne Designs
A Sip in the Right Direction | Aleks Handmade | Sister Soap | Frosted by Melinda Lee
Chicness Designs | GirlE Things | Willis & Harriet’s Homestead
Artsy Alphabet by Steph | Blossoms & Bows

hello new friends! i’m beyond thrilled, and completely humbled to be a guest here today on Amy’s blog. my name is Kellie and i blog here. i am the hands and heart behind ‘the lemondime’ where i sew craft, and paint and [my newest, most exciting adventure] host Craft Liberation -a weekend getaway! i am a 38 year old wife to my sweets, Joel, momma to Ellie (13), Kole (12), Avery (10), Ezra (8) and Amara (3) {who we also homeschool in a very fun and laid back way}. 

here’s the most recent photo of the family- without me of course…’cause what family can ever get a good photo all together? hee hee.years ago, as a busy momma, i came to a place in my life where my art became lost. i neglected the gifts God gave me, the talents he instilled in me and struggled with depression. i had prayed for years that He would give me something i could do with my gifts, help other women and also contribute to our family’s income. i began to sew here and there for friends.everyone kept telling me to start my own business, but fear of failure always took over. i’m one of those people who either does something 100% or not at all. any of you relate?

a little over a year ago, i came across THIS in the middle of the night. my life was forever changed as i heard the Lord speak to my heart prompting me to start my very own CRAFT WEEKEND! i teamed up with my beautiful friend, Laurie, and we went to work (with our daughters!) to bring Craft Liberation to life.

the response was overwhelming… and all inclusive weekend getaway for 14 women, one huge luxury cabin in the hills of Brown County, Indiana, crafting, SWAG, food galore, shopping, laughing, sharing… AMAZINGNESS!our first weekend was in the spring, another in august, and we have 2 more booked and full to capacity with a waiting list for more… EEK! i am over the moon excited about all God has done with the women who have attended. lives have been changed, and God has used crafting as a tool to show women love, acceptance and most of all, how not to neglect who they were meant to be… hence the name, “liberation”.we have SO much fun getting the cabin ready!the girls craft ’til the early morn. there’s snacks and food prepared by our in-house cook!

we do a little shopping…

the girls go home with a LOTS of SWAG (Stuff We All Get)…

and their beautiful creations!

it’s just a beautiful thing

there are SO many women who need a break…
to be refreshed…
to spark the creativity inside them…

i’m so very grateful to have the opportunity to serve women, and make a difference using my gifts. as i say so often, ”my cup runneth over.”

come see me on my blog to see LOTS more pictures of our craft weekends as well as get more info about  Craft Liberation! you’ll also find great inspiration, tutorials, as well as giveaways! {i love to give away aprons!}

please find me on facebook too- i’d LOVE to meet you!

thank you SO much for having me! have a beautiful day!

come by and say hi!

peace, kellie