scalloped bunting Some of my favorite items in my house are those that are handmade – there is
something about handmade items that make me smile. Are any of you like that?
{bunting by Sand & Starfish}

hope yarn wrapped letters {yarn wrapped letters made by me – purchased letters at Hobby Lobby
and wrapped them with yarn from my stash}

artwork {art on the left made by me, I simply put burlap in a frame without glass
and glued two vintage utensils to it. center artwork by Katie Daisy}

bunting & prints {bunting made by me, prints by Livy Love Designs, Pen & Paint and Grace for Grace}

cornwell family rules {Cornwell family rules made by me, details here}

I love supporting handmade shops so please share your favorites in the comments!

Every once in a while I feel the need to share a shop/business with my readers. The one I’m sharing today really excites me because the owner was my childhood best friend, Lindsay. I asked Lindsay a little while back if I could share her super cool business with you all and thankfully she said yes! I decided to do it interview style, although I think that her pictures of the product will speak for themselves!

brookietablescape2Tell us about yourself:
My name is Lindsay Sterling and I’ve been married to my wonderful husband, Matt since 2009.  We have one daughter, Everleigh, that will be 2 this month.  We live in Brownstown, Indiana; a very small town in southern Indiana (it’s where my husband grew up).

TylerprofessionalHow did you come to start Eleven Main Street?
I started Eleven Main Street in October 2012.  I had started sewing some clothing for my daughter and decided to start an Etsy shop and sell some of my handmade items.  With so many children’s clothing companies & Etsy shops out there, it didn’t quite take off like I had hoped.  However, I had also made a birthday sign for my daughter’s 1st birthday that resembled a chalkboard, but was hand-painted, eliminating the risk of little fingers smudging it.  A friend of mine asked me to make one for her daughter’s 1st birthday in October 2012, and a few weeks later I listed these signs in my Etsy shop and my inbox exploded with orders.

LuciweddingboardWhat does Eleven Main Street do?
Eleven Main Street currently creates custom signs for all occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, store front window, home decor, etc.)

KinleighWhat is your favorite EMS product?
My very favorite sign is the very first one I created for my daughter because it’s near and dear to my heart.

jaceHow can we find your shop?
I have an Etsy shop and also take orders via my facebook page.  I ship anywhere in the US.

BrookietablescapeWhat is your favorite thing about having your own business?
I love being able to explore my creativity and contribute financially to my family, while giving my daughter the benefits of having a stay-at-home mom.

Abe1Am I right? The pictures speak for themselves! Now go over and show Lindsay some love and tell her I sent you 🙂 You’ll be happy you did!!

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When I’ve posted pictures on Instagram of our home, there have been a few of you who have requested a home tour. We’re getting ready to list our home to sell, so I figured this was as good a time as any to take some pictures of our living room. Our living room is my favorite place, because it’s the first room where I finally feel like I’ve filled it with my style. I feel like it a cozy, comfortable, relaxed place to be. {{disclaimer: our home is never this clean and clutter-free, we’ve worked hard this week to get it presentable to list!}}

living room(rug: | couches: IKEA | pillows: Garden Ridge)

media cabinetHubby made this cabinet from scratch…it was based off of a plan from Ana White and he edited it to fit our needs. He added the trim and decorative accents. I am so proud of him for his first major woodworking project. The cream boxes hold our favorite DVD’s and are from IKEA. The brown box was my grandfather’s box from the war…he filled it and shipped it home to my grandmother. I need to ask her if she remembers what he sent.

vintage cabinetThis amazing cabinet was a find from a local antique store. I’m filling it with antique glass jars and other things like my grandfather’s scale and an old hankie. I so love this cabinet and how it’s been distressed.

gallery wallOff of the living room is the gallery wall in our entryway. We desperately need family pictures taken, our last formal ones were from almost 4 years ago when Ethan was about 9 months old. It’s time! The “family” print on the far left is from one of my favorite shops, Pen and Paint. The quote means so much to me: family is not an important thing, it’s everything.

corner decorThis little corner cabinet is filled with old goodies that were my grandfathers (and some new items as well). You can read more about the “disposable” things that I’ve kept here.

game cabinetLastly is our game cabinet, purchased from a local refurbishing shop called ReStyled. I love that it’s deep enough to hold even our largest board games. The other items are from local antique stores and the green knobs are from Hobby Lobby.

Thank you for letting me share my space with you!
What’s the favorite room of your house?

Now that I’ve figured out my “style” for our home, I love to find vintage, antiqued, chippy-paint items to decorate with. Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration in a variety of realms from blogs that I don’t normally frequent, so today I’m going to share my finds for the home via what my friends have found and pinned on Pinterest. I can’t wait to make some of these for our home.

1. chalkboard door
2. how to build a fancy farmhouse table
3. diy rustic wood planter box
4. pallet shelving idea (pic only)
5. pallet side table (pic only)

You can see more for the home inspiration via my pins.

photo 1 This weekend I found myself looking up from the book I was reading and staring at this corner of my home. It’s a small corner, but quite possibly my favorite place to look at. It’s full of lovely things; some new and some old, some that have family meaning and some that are simply from Ikea.

photo 3I started thinking about the collection, and began to chuckle at myself. I have my grandfather’s razor laying here and his old cigar box. Disposable things in our day today. Who today would think to keep a razor or cigarette carton that someday their grandchildren will cherish? {I’m not saying you should, that’s kinda gross…}

But these things that I have here, I do cherish. Because they were my grandfather’s. They were something that he used regularly. He might have even used them while he was overseas fighting the war. They simply tell a story, even if I never fully know what that story is.

photo 2The spice cans were in my grandmother’s apartment when we cleaned it out to move her to assisted living. Again, disposable. Most people would have simply thrown them in the trash. But they’re old. They have a story. They were in my grandparents kitchen when my mom was a child. She used those to cook for her family. They’re beautiful, if only to me.

photo 4This little corner has simply made me think. Even to be more conscious about what I have in my home. Will it have lasting value – if to no one else, my family? What legacy can I leave? What things have I put in my house that will create a positive memory to my family in the years to come?