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    I Love Co-Op Wednesday!

    I love co-op Wednesdays. We load up on organic fruits and veggies that the kids LOVE. Obviously, little E loves blueberries since I got 3 containers and big E’s favorite fruit is apples. The strawberries this time are gorgeous. I’m so thankful to be part of this group and that I have the opportunity to get healthy food for my family.

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    Create: a healthier ME

    Today I stepped on the scale and I was the same number that I’ve been for the past few weeks, no big deal. But I am 4 pounds (I know it sounds small) heavier than I said after my son was born that my max would ever be again. I don’t consider myself to be overweight by any means, but I definitely don’t think I’m “healthy”. I’ve done Weight Watchers points in the past thanks to my wonderful MIL who taught me all about counting and know that it’s a successful life change for me. This morning I decided that I’d starting counting again to try to lose that 10-15…