I’m so excited to share some of my favorite handmade items around the web. These are made by people I’ve met or interacted with online and love dearly. The best part is – they don’t know that they’re being featured today! So give them some love and start your Christmas shopping early!

homefor the home:
1. Eva Marie Typography | shop
2. Lettered Life | shop
3. Pen & Paint | shop

bodyfor the body:
1. Hello Hue | shop
2. NS Pottery | shop
3. Amy Cornwell | shop

causefor a cause:
1. 31Bits | shop
2. Two Little Fish | shop

wearto wear:
1. Sew Chatty | shop
2. Sage & Harper | shop
3. So Loved Designs

The gift guide for amycornwell.com is coming soon! I’m hoping to make it really easy to shop for the perfect gift this Christmas season. In the meantime, need an ornament for your tree?