purple bell flowerred mumslavender and honey beedecorative grassAfter the drought this summer, I honestly thought that most of our flowers were done for this year. After a few rain showers and some cooler weather, some of the flowers in the garden have re-bloomed. I was so excited to walk around the garden and see some of the bellflowers and lavender blooming again (and the mums are amazing this year!).

{photos taken with a Canon Rebel XSi camera with a Sigma 50mm 1:2.8 macro lens}

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It’s not even summer yet and my lavender bushes are overflowing. I love the smell of lavender and harvested a bag full of lavender last year. Harvesting lavender is so easy!

Simply cut off as much as you want, after the dew has dried but before they get too dried out if it’s a really hot day. Be sure to cut the blooms while they still have color so that you can get them when they’re the most fragrant. Wrap a rubber band around the stems (you want something that stretches because as the stems dry out they can shrink). Hang them upside down over a newspaper or a plastic lid as I have.

Since I just cut mine, I don’t have a picture of the last step but it’s easy to explain. Once they are completely dried out (after a few weeks) place the stems on a newspaper. Roll it up and roll the newspaper & stems back and forth. This will make the little blooms (pods, whatever they’re called) fall off. I discard the stems but if you have a fireplace or fire pit, you can burn them and it will also release the fragrance. Then you can use the blooms as potpourri, sew some cute drawer sachets or whatever else you want!

I actually have some pods left from last year (above). When you squeeze the buds (whether they are in a sachet or a baggie) it will release the oil and that’s how you get the fragrance. Surprisingly, my buds from last year still have fragrance!

Just make sure you’re careful of these guys when you’re harvesting. I had two that were not too happy with me for taking their pollen. 🙂

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A while back as my mom and I were helping move my grandmother into assisted living, I came across some vintage kitchen utensils that were on their way to Goodwill. I snatched them up to use in my garden! I stamped them with quotes and spread them out among the plants. Forgive the lack of color {they’re just starting to bud} and that it’s hard to see what the utensils say. They’re so shiny and hard to photograph. I hope to get more as I garage sale and thrift this summer!

“grow toward the light”


“bloom” | “no weeds here” | “grow”


“no weeds here”

“no weeds here” {but there is a bit of the garden paper sticking out}


What’s growing in your garden this year?


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