I finally got the chore charts done! They are REALLY easy to make – you only need a few things: paper, Mod Podge, clip boards, hooks, eyelets (optional), and cards or cardstock for the chore cards.

Basically you Mod Podge the patterned paper to the clipboard and let it dry. Then you measure out where you want your hooks and make a small indentation with a nail (not all the way through). Screw in your hooks. Punch a hole in the chore card and put in an eyelet if you want added security. Glue on a picture of the chore and attach some cute stickers on the back for when you flip it over. That’s it!

I decided to show you the finished project instead of taking pictures of each step since it’s pretty basic. I attached a small scrap of ribbon to each for some extra prettiness. Super easy!

Big E’s Chore Chart:
clean up toys, make bed, feed the dog, help do the dishes
extra cards courtesy of my 2010 Project Life album

I was out of laminating sheets so I used an eyelet to make the hole more secure.

I love ribbon!!

when she completes all of the chores she sees all princess stickers

Little E’s Chore Chart:
take dishes to the sink, clean up cars, put books away, put clothes in the basket

this ribbon is all boy and matches perfectly with his paper

Little E was so excited to see his stickers…he’ll want to do the chores
just so he can see all of the transportation stickers!

cute stuff!
What are you guys making today??

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Since I haven’t had time to craft this week with preparing for the Open House on Sunday, I decided to add a tin to the shop that I’ve been holding on to for a while. Big E is now 5 and is going to lose her first tooth in the near future and I wanted to have a memento to keep her first tooth in that I could keep until she’s older. I made two different types of these tins: one for boys and one for girls. You can see them in the shop – only $5!

More new goodies in the shop! These are perfect to put your new jewelry and charms in or as pill boxes or small storage containers. The large ones are the perfect size for Moo Mini Cards, which are so popular right now. Click on the picture captions to learn more…

Mini Slide Top Tins | $3.50 each
Standard Slide Top Tin | $4.50


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I have been meaning to get some new containers for my flour and sugar because my old canisters hinges didn’t work right and today I saw these at the grocery store. I decided to purchase them and then upgrade them a little at home.

The first thing I did was measure the lid. It had a nice indentation that was just over 3 1/2 inches in diameter. I used my Cricut to cut a circle 3 1/2 with a shadow and it fit perfectly into the depression on the lid. I sealed that in with some Modge Podge (a couple of coats) and let it dry.

Next I made the labels for the containers. I’m the Queen of re-using items in new places so I didn’t want to decoupage “flour” and “sugar” directly onto the jar because I know that someday I’ll use them for something else. I used my Cricut Expression again to cut out the letters and glued them onto a square 3 1/2 piece of paper for each. Then I adhered them with photo corners. Now they are ready to use and are perfectly coordinated!

This post is part of my series for 2010 where I create something as often as possible (I realized that every day was unattainable for me).

I purchased a 10 pack of canvas in March and decided to use one to play around with a new Cricut cartridge I got called Straight from the Nest. Birds are so popular right now and this cartridge has so many cute things. I decoupaged all of the pieces on the canvas and then sealed it with high gloss sealant.

the cut pieces
The finished product on the door but it blows in the wind and knocks on the door so I’ll have to find another place for it.
This post is part of my series for 2010 where I create something as often as possible (I realized that every day was unattainable for me).