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    Make Your Own Ring from a Brooch

    This one is so easy I’m sure you’ve figured it out on your own but with statement rings being so popular right now I figured I’d make some of my own! Here’s how I did it… using heavy-duty pliers, cut off the pin back see the hole on the left? this one was missing a crystal. nothing a little starbond & a Swarovski flatback can’t fix! now you can hardly tell which one was missing(pssst, it was the one on the very right hand side) buy some ring blanks, this was all my store had so I had toimprovise. I had a 50% off coupon so it was $2/4 blanks.…

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    Repurposed iPod box

    When I was cleaning out my office at work I found this iPod box just laying in my desk. It’s a really thick cardboard so I knew that I could use it for something. I cut some paper to fit and used a glue runner to adhere it. SUPER easy! Just 2 steps and about 5 minutes and it’s done. Right now it’s housing some mini cards for notes to my friends & family. I’m not sure it’ll have that purpose forever, but so far I think it’s great. At some point I might decoupage the paper for stability, but for now that’s not necessary. What’s your favorite repurposing project?

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    Craft Time!

    On Saturday I had a little bit of time to craft while the kids were napping so of course I worked on some orders including this… and this headband for a friend. She wanted one to match her black and yellow bathing suit. I gave it to her yesterday and it looked adorable on her! I also made this Anthro-inspired necklace for myself. I’ve had quite a few requests to make these for the shop so we’ll see…you just might see some variations for sale in the near future (and mine won’t be $118). What did you do this weekend?

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    “i am” Mini Book

    When Christine contacted me a while back asking what I’d like to feature on her blog, the idea of a book about “me” was so intriguing because I’ve never done a book that was just about me. They are always about my family history, friends while going through school and now my husband & kids. I was excited to start creating the book and share what some of my passions are. This post will be up on her blog in the coming weeks, but I wanted to go ahead and share it with you. Let’s jump right in! I created my mini-book with items I already had at home. I…

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    Tuesday Tutorial: From Salsa to Flower Vase

    This can hardly be considered a tutorial since there are just a few steps, but it’s too cute (and easy) to not share with y’all! First, take your salsa jar and wash it out. Let it dry overnight.  You can take the label off if you want but it’s not necessary.  (drying it overnight is so the label is dry) Cut a piece of patterned paper that coordinates with the flowers. Make it just large enough to cover the label. Using a glue stick or scrapbook adhesive, glue it to the jar. Then add a sweet ribbon. Uh, that’s it?! Yep, just add the flowers and you’re all done! 5…